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HiI would like to register via Cisco PnP iPhone App a device which is not known yet to APIC-EM (1.3). The cisco manual for the PnP iPhone App state:1.  Tap Register Device on the main menu.2.  Tap Scan for Serial Barcode 3.  If you are unable to scan...

Haribald by Level 1
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We are currently using a native vlan other then 1  in our general deployments.We have been testing the 6509 (sup2-t) running 15.1 (sy7) connecting to a 3850 switch.We want to know whether its possible to use a native vlan other then 1.  so the downst...

Hi,Is there a way to change the trust profile name in APIC-EM PKI broker or create a new one?In the documentation I could only find the following information:trustProfileName (string): Name of trust-profile (must already exist). Default: sdn-network-...

Hi,I am trying to apply QOS policy with EasyQOS on Cisco ASR-1001X router. On this router I have interface with sub-interfaces and different QOS policy on each sub-interface. I added the description #WAN#50M#SPP1#, #WAN#45M#SPP1# etc on every sub-int...

arikgelman by Level 4
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HiHow does one add hosts to APIC-EM?In my case, I have a Linux VM on the same LAN segment as the APIC-EM VM.I expect that Linux VM to appear as a host, as it seems to fit the definition of what a host should be.The Linux VM does not appear as a host ...

HiI have experienced the following issue:I had added a location to a device, using the web UI as illustrated in the attached image.I had then removed the location, see second attached image.I am unable, now to add the location again. When I put the c...

I'm trying to install APIC-EM for testing purposes on ESXi with slow disk. The installation fails because it takes longer time than 3600s.Is there a way how configure (hack,...) longer timeout?Petr

p.hruby by Level 1
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Hi,just to let you all know there is no longer a 16BG option in 1.3.There is are 2x 32GB options.32GB With 12 cores - 500 devices32GB with 8 cores - 200 devicesNOTE:  IWAN App has not been validated with these builds.  It does work in my lab, but has...

aradford by Cisco Employee
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Folks,I was testing deployment of easyqos beta of APIC-EM When i tested it on a 3750x and 2960x, it doesn't completely deploys the QoS. I found some of the class-maps and ACLs empty, plus i couldnt see all 1323 apps being matches in ACLs ...

Hello,I am facing some issues with applying easyqos on a couple of router i.e. 2911 and 2921. Easyqos is policy keeps failing on these router, both are running IOS 15.5M3. Can someone please assist.APIC-EM version is,-KN

Hello,First of all, congrats to everyone that worked in the 1.3 APIC-EM release.I did a quick scan of the release notes and couldn't find information about API changes. Would really help if you can guide me in the right direction about what was added...

jboga by Level 5
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