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This little App is a sample, showing how APIC-EM and Prime Infrastructure can be integrated to automate and simplify a RMA process. There are details that must be worked out for productive use, however the basic concept would remain the same.1.) You ...

Hi there,I am new to APIC-EM PnP, but I want to deploy APIC-EM in our environment.It makes sense to deploy new device for remote site via mobile app, but how I am supposed to connect the new device to existing system if we want to deploy the new equi...

Hi,I'm hoping someone can help. I am testing out PnP when I create a project I am unable to select the configuration file or image. I have these uploaded in my repository. When I select Image it just says "showing 0 of 0" with a spinning circle. see ...

aevans by Beginner
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I have a 3850 and want it to download its config from APIC-EM with NO intervention of the switch i.e power the switch on and it automagicly connects to the APIC-EM and installs its confg.So...I have a 3850 with new software ----  cat3k_caa-universalk...

Hello folks,For wan connection with sub-rate ethernet, where/how do I set the shaping function, e.g parent shaper of 50M, and child policy of APIC-EM generated one?Per video Cisco APIC-EM EasyQoS Demo on Vimeoit was mentioned a wan interface needs to...

qiali by Cisco Employee
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APIC-EM'm trying to add a branch to IWAN and I keep getting a "Error while reserving Ips for flow 1" message when I try to apply changes on the Branch page. The hub site is configured for 60 sites and the Generic IP pool is a /22.I'm usin...

Deploying/Enabling SSH during device turn up is an interactive process at the moment.key generation and key length selectionconfirming the key selectionCan APIC-EM REST API configure SSH via the API? This same use case can be applied to any configura...

dandemer by Cisco Employee
  • 3 replies
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