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ESA brakes DKIM

Hello, When i send an emai from my personal account to my corporate email Cisco ESA can't verify DKIM signature. The message is dkim=hardfail (body hash did not verify [final]) But when i send an email from the personal accont to the Gmail, eveything...

lyutov_dv by Beginner
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Resolved! Registration of Cisco (IronPort) ESA C170 and Purchase of TAC Support Agreement

Hello I am am unable to login to the C170 with admin UN/PWD and understand that i need to contact Cisco for a temp password for the adminpassword account. We do not have a Cisco Account so i tried to register the device at Cisco Device using the SN s...

mstevensuk by Beginner
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Resolved! Email security

i need to know if i have 3 sites and i will add 2 devices (ESA C190) in the main branch and another one in the DR site (ESA C190) , I need to buy licence ESA-ESP-LIC, each site contain 1000 user i must to purchase for each appliance  in each site lic...

About different Quarantines in SMA

Hello, I have noticed that an email can be sent to several Quarantines. For example, the message can be stored in VOF quarantine, and Policy Quarantine. How is handled the message when we release the message from one quarantine? Is it also released ...

RD77 by Beginner
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Policy Rule Best practices

Hello, When creating a policy rule for incoming emails, is there a best practice article? I am trying to determine if it would be best to use an AD group that would contain approximately 1000 users or if it would be better to add them to the rules r...

lsmarchig by Beginner
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Resolved! Attempting to Add New User in ESA

Hello, I am logged in as the admin and attempting to add a new user in the ESA. However, when I add a new user in the GUI, the option for password is grayed out. Therefore, I am not able to create the new account? Do I have to add a new user via CL...

anotthak8 by Beginner
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Resolved! delay message and process again

Hello, is there someway to define an action to delay message for a certain time period and reprocess them again? for example. I set condition as I like to forward the message to a special quarantine, that quarantine has a specific time range set in...

daro by Beginner
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Malformed Envelope Senders

Hi, I enabled "Envelope Sender DNS Verification:" option in Mail flow policy There is a special SMTP code for "Malformed Envelope Senders:" But when i connect to my ESA through telnet i can stay "MAIL FROM:" header empty. Is it OK? If yes, what is "M...

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