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Cloud Gateway: 14.3.0-032Gateway (HW/Virtual): 14.2.2-004Email and Web Manager: 14.2.0-224Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Hi there,We're running two IronPort C650 devices on different subnets, with a firewall inbetween.  The device on our side of the fence is dual-homed with its management interface connected to our primary LAN, and data1 connected into a DMZ.  I'm tryi...

I have just enabled the Marketing Message Detection feature on my Ironport C300 box and wanted to verify how many messages are being stopped by it.Is there a way to see this either on the C series, M series or via the log files? I know I could quaran...

Hey,From the interface a user with the permission of "Helpdesk User", is there a way to allow them to add a blocked email to the users whitelist? If we hand out helpdesk user logins to our customer support team, and a subscriber calls in with a reque...

hi, i would like to query on using a two leg setup on my ironport 360, using data1 - private listener -relay  and data2 - public listener - accept mail server has a public ip which is the primary mx of my domain - def...

We just recently deployed two IronPort IEA boxes. With our current configuration external recipients can login to our IEA boxes to send encrypted e-mail. When they use the "Automatically Blind Carbon Copy Me" option the system will send an e-mail ...

I have a C350 running the CRES/encryption package on the box and CRES works fine with the [send secure] inserted into the subject. is there a regex or something i can configure to remove the encryption trigger from the subject so the final recipient ...

wh1tw0lf by Beginner
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Hi all,I'm doing some research in how to setup DKIM for the company I work for. We are an email service provider and we use two c350d appliances (AsyncOS for Email Security 7.0) to sent out bulk email (permission based, opt in) for our clients. My qu...

We have an Ironport C160 with AsyncOS version 7.0.1-010. Been going great for a couple of months and suddenly recipients do not get the Open or Register buttons when using the Cisco Registered Envelope Service. Also the I have tried the following thi...

Hi,I want to enabled sender check on all outgoing mail. i.e ironport should check if the from address is listed in my ldap.This is required because spammer is sending mails by compromising legitimate users credentials and sending mail through out set...

homesh2009 by Beginner
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Hi,Please Help to Resolve this issue.Eg: Our domain is ""Our Internal User Sending a Mail to Yahoo User.When we trace in message details we find this below i am attaching the Screen short. Please help to resolve the issue.

bkrishna by Beginner
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