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8821 Does not Ring when in Dock

I have a 8821 on CUCME 12.0. It is running the latest firmware: 11-0-3SR6-15


When the phone is in the cisco desktop charger the phone does not play the ring tone. The screen indicates there is an incoming call, and you can answer the call, but no sound is made.


If the phone is removed from the charger and the call is re-initiated the ringtone is played. I am using the standard chirp ringtone.


I assume this is a firmware issue as I am not sure what setting would impact this. Anyone else with this issue?

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Re: 8821 Does not Ring when in Dock

I am not aware about a setting or configuration to do this other than DND.
But DND will take effect in station and without it.

Try different firmware.

Re: 8821 Does not Ring when in Dock

Activate the Docking station to ring in when phone is Docked


Select Where You Hear Ringing

When you have an incoming call, you can set up your phone to play the ringtone on your headset or on the speaker.


Step 1  

Access the Settings app.

Step 2  

Select Phone settings > Sounds > Ringer/PTT output

Step 3  

Select the option required.>> SET TO SPEAKER

Step 4  

Press Select.


Left Side Buttons Volume

Make sure volume is up.

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Re: 8821 Does not Ring when in Dock

These steps work - but it the first line is the most important "Activate the Docking station to ring when phone is Docked"

These steps do not work if the phone is held in the hand.



Re: 8821 Does not Ring when in Dock

I have the same issue. Even afterCisco RMA a new phone still have the issue. Does anyone have a fix?




Re: 8821 Does not Ring when in Dock

I am experiencing this issue too, where the phone will not ring when the phone is docked (on the docking station speaker). Has anyone found a resolution to this? I note this was first reported in Jan-2018 so I would have expect a resolution to be available. Thanks.

Re: 8821 Does not Ring when in Dock



I had the same issue.  I tried all of the suggestions on this thread (and anywhere else I could find one), and nothing worked.  Most of the options that people mention are actually nowhere to be found.  However, I finally solved the issue!


When you are holding the phone, there is a button on the right side, toward the top.  It has an icon of a speaker on it.  When you press that button, you will see a speaker icon on the top right of the screen near the battery indicator.  Now, place the phone in the desktop charger.  From this point on, when it is put into the desktop charger, that same icon should appear, and when it is removed, it should disappear.  Why is doesn't work until the first time that you press this button???  Go figure.  I'm guessing a bug.  


Re: 8821 Does not Ring when in Dock

We found the same issue.

We tried the mentioned settings above then had an additional step.

When docked the the speaker volume on the dock can be increased by adjusting volume on the docked phone.

This solved our issue

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