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8851 and 8861 (SIP) freeze occasionally




I would like to know if anyone have been experiencing some freezing issues with 88XX phones? 


We first received the phones with the firwamre sip88xx.10-2-1-16 but since the phone was looping through reboots when connected to 2x or 3x 8800 modules, we upgraded to sip88xx.10-2-2-16. Since then, the phones freezes completely from time to time and needs to be disconnected. 

When frozen (which often happens when the calls are transferred to another extensions), there is nothing we can do at all on the phones.


There is no newer firmware  so I'm pretty much stuck here.

I'll have to try our other BNIB 8851 but at least one 8861 and one 8851 have the exact same behavior.



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David Watkins


Are your phones connected via wired or wireless?  I'm working with a customer now who is also having issues with their 8861, running latest 10-2-2-16 release, freezing periodically (black screen and even normal screen but unresponsive keys/softkeys).  The phone generally has to be rebooted in order to mitigate the issue.  We are deployed via wireless, so I'm just curious if this same behavior is seen on wired connections as well.


Thank you!

If any of your freezes are caused by line changes then there is a confirmed bug which causes the phone to hang reboot and hang. 

Along that specific bug their are a few other issues with the 10-2-2-16 release or a few others. 

I have seen this bug trigger by adding a new line or changing a line on a registered 8841/51/61 phone. 

Here is the bug link:

Hi Andrew,

I came across this while browsing the bug search toolkit for the 8861.  Based upon the user input, this is happening during normal day-to-day operation, not during any configurations to the device.  Thank you for your reply.




Thanks for all your replies - We are using Plantronics CS 540 headsets - connected via the "normal" headset port.


We are on wired connections.


I've replaced my 7945 with a spare 8851. So far so good, but it only has been for a couple days now. I'll add a 8800 module as well - 2 if I can get a power supply.


I'll have one of the phones covered by a Smartnet shortly, I'll see what Cisco can do about it.

Do you have a Alt-tftp configured for these phones?

No alternate TFTP.



We are seeing the same issue.

Upgraded to firmware 10-3-1-20 and the things look to be better but we are still seeing some freezing (screen stays on but keys unresponsive, pulling/reconnecting the power clears the issue).


The user is using a Plantronics headset with an RJ9 connector, not sure of the model number as that has not been forthcoming from the user.  Given the connection type and the fact that is cannot be connected to the KEM via USB I don't see that it fits in with the CSCuq55637 bug    


I upgraded my test phone (8851), everything seems to be working OK (at least nothing is worse than before so far).


I'll have the receptionist's phone upgraded and we'll see how it turns out for us. She's using a spare 8851 at the moment and if it turns out to be fixing her issue, we'll switch her back to the 8861 and apply to new firmware as well.

I have still been getting a few reports of freezing but it is always hard to get any details from the end user.  I was recently pointed in the direction of the Problem Report Tool in the 8800 series so i was able to get some details and a PRT pulled from the phone so hopefully some sense can be made of the logs from that

Hello ybpants,

Are the affected phones connected to an AP or iphone?


The phones are wired to the switch with WiFi disabled and no bluetooth connections.  there are headset connected via an RJ9

The user did not reach out to the helpdesk in the past month but then again I don't know if she could have done it by herself.


It seems fixed on our end, I'll try to confirm shortly.


Edit: If this is indeed fixed, I might try to remove the spare 8851 she's now using with the original 8861 and see if it keeps going strong.

"Upgraded to firmware 10-3-1-20 and the things look to be better but we are still seeing some freezing (screen stays on but keys unresponsive, pulling/reconnecting the power clears the issue)."



So, was the fix to upgrade to the 10-3-1-20, or was some other solution found?


Thanks in advance!



we did see a major improvement with firmware version 10-1-3-20 but we still have a few reports of problems but nothing like we used to have.

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