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All device associations removed from pguser


For some unknown reason we have had all device associations associated with the pguser drop out on us within CUCM.  This has caused all of our phones to unregister on multiple occasions.  We fix the issue by logging back into CUCM and reassociate all of the devices to the pguser.  What could cause these associations to all drop out in mass?  Any idea if their are any known issues or procedural steps we may be making that could be causing this to happen?

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mike,

This could be a bug but you need to provide the CUCM and Contact Center application versions , please check the following post as well



Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

I have seen many of these type of instances over the years, especially on version 10+ when the association process for end/application user association to devices is slightly different from previous version causing someone to accidentally remove the associations very easily.

Hi Chris,

Could you please provide more light on how it is different in version 10+ and what could cause such issue or what could have contributed to cause this issue.

i have also suffered this issue recently on version 10.5 and TAC is enable to provide any answer as to why this happened.



Piyush Aghera

Andrew West

Got backup Chris below..

Every time I have seen this it is because someone incorrectly removed all from PG user. 

What version are you running on CCE and CUCM?

We are using CUCM System Version  Yes, there is definitely a possibility this was done by accident due to the way the buttons are positioned on this screen.  However, we have been using this for over a year with consistent activity and both events happened within the last two weeks with two separate administrators.  I think we are going to do a series of tests adding and removing associations in various volumes, methods, and browsers to see if we can attribute the event to anything other than accidental removal of all associations.  Will update the post if I find anything interesting.  I appreciate everyone's responses.

Hi - did you get this resolved? was it user error or something else?

Not really.  Best guess is that somehow it has to be "user error".  Problem is it did not just happen to a single administrator and the second event happened while one administrator was shoulder surfing the other to make sure no mistakes were made.  Only other possibility was concern over a possible browser issue depending on if Mozilla or Explorer was in use.  Either way nothing definitive and has resulted in a lot of changes being pushed into the "only after-hours" category.

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