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Ask the Expert: Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Version 10.0

With Amit Singh  and Raees Shaikh  

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Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn about Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) version 10.0 with Cisco Experts Amit Singh and Raees Shaikh.

Cisco Unified Communications manager release 10.0 brings in lot of new features and enhancements. As part of the CUCM 10.0 Customer and partner education series, In this session we will cover questions related to Install and Upgrade requirements along with Call Routing Enhancements. Through this session, we will discuss and respond to queries related to the following :


  • Single-step change IPhostname on CUCM cluster
  • Supported Server List - Virtual Only
  • VM Dynamic Disk Size Reallocation
  • 64 Bit RHEL6 OS VOS

Call Routing Enhancements

  • Routing Enhancements – No Inter Digit Timer Using Urgent Translation
  • Translation Pattern Calling Search Space Inheritance
  • Routing Enhancements – Ability to make DNs Urgent Priority
  • Multiple Local Route Group

Reference: Solution Reference Network Designs Cisco Collaboration Systems 10.x

Amit Singh
is a customer support engineer at the Cisco Technical Assistance Center in Bangalore, India. He has over 7 years of experience in his areas of expertise: wireless, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, multiservices, Cisco Unity®, and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. He has been involved in various escalation requests from India, Singapore, and Australia and is currently working as a technical lead for the Voice team in Bangalore, India. He is a computer science graduate.

Raees Shaikh
is currently a senior engineer on the collaboration team in Bangalore TAC. His areas of expertise include Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Call-Control related applications. Raees has over 6 years of industry experience. He focusses on troubleshooting and working with various voice products, including Cisco unified communication manager, Cisco Unified Border Element, Gateways, Cisco Unified SIP Proxy and Jabber within the TAC organization. Prior to joining Cisco, he was a network engineer with Microland Ltd, supporting networks for Fortune 500 companies. He holds a bachelor of engineering degree in electronics and telecommunication from Goa University and holds CCIE Voice ( #34220), CCNP Routing & Switching and RHCE  certifications.

Remember to use the rating system to let Amit and Raees know if you have received an adequate response

Amit and Raees might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the forum shortly after the event. This event lasts through February 28th, 2014. Visit this forum often to view responses to your questions and the questions of other community members.


Hi, I also have a requirement to upgrade from 6.1.2 to 10. Is the best way to do an upgrade to 6.1.5 then pcd to 10 as it seems that the earliest pcd support is 6.1.5 or a "jump" upgrade to 9 then pcd to 10?


Hi Paul,

In order to restrict our coversation to the Routing Enhancement & Platform topic, I request you to post the same query on the blog where we can have a detailed discussion on upgrade & PCD which can be leveraged by other CSC users as well.

Kind Regards

Raees Shaikh

Hi Raees,

I've couple of queries regarding PCD..

1. Do we need to assign IP address to PCD ?

2. How can we get the PCD tool, I mean is it downloadable or it comes with CUCM ISO CD ?

Regards, Suresh

Hi Suresh

Id be happy to answer your question. However, in order to restrict our coversation of this Ask the Expert to the Routing Enhancement & Platform topic, I kindly request you to post the same query on the blog where we can have a detailed discussion on upgrade & PCD which can be leveraged by other CSC users as well.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind Regards

Raees Shaikh

James Hawkins


I have just completed a project where I used E.164+ DN's for all devices and had issues with the inter-digit timer being activated due to overlaps between the DNs and Route Patterns such as \+.!

The new Urgent priority for DNs in 10.0 looks like it will resolve the issue. My question is whether there is ever a use case where DN's should not be urgent?

I cannot think of one and, to be honest, always had assumed that DN's would be treated as urgent anyway

Was this new feature brought in just to address this issue or are there other uses for it?

Is there a good reference for remaining gotchas for E.164+ based dialplans in 10.0? - one that I can think of is transfer to voicemail as the lead digit (typically *) cannot precede + in a dialled string.

Hello James,

Thats a good feedback.

We have been using Globalization only for past few years now.

Old setups will have the traditional Overlapping RP and CSS approach.

A lot of such issues were also workaround by reducing T302 timer, which has its own complications.

With the Globalization(\+.!) and +E164 deployments, we started getting more use case scenarios and TAC Service requests.

Hence, the need to have Urgent Priority for DN's.

As part of CUCM 10.0, Urgent Priority OR no Interdigit TimeOut has been implemented for :

  • DN
  • Translation Patterns
  • CCD Patterns Urgent Priority

I need to check, if we have any document, mentioning Cons of +E.164 deployments. I will update you, If I get one.

OR We might be able to get one, as a outcome of discussion on this ATE session


Amit Singh

Hi James

Just to add the points mentioned by Amit above, the Urgent priority does address the E+164 issue you spoke about. Infact this was a major use case driving this feature. Although there are other uses as well.

In regards to your question whether there is ever a use case where DN's should NOT be urgent. The administrator need to be careful in implementing it in countries that have over-lapping dial-plan.

Thanks & Regards

Raees Shaikh

Hi Amet, similar issue CUCM 10.0 is using MIKEY or SDES for key exchange in SRTP? It is adjustable?

SRTP relies on an external key management protocol to set up the  initial master key. Two protocols specifically designed to be used with  SRTP are ZRTP and MIKEY.  There are also other methods to negotiate the SRTP keys. There are several vendors which offer products that use the SDES key exchange method.

Regards Armin

HTH, please rate all useful posts and right answers.

HTH, please rate all useful posts and right answers.

Hello Armin,

I am researching on this issue and will update you soon.

We can continue our discussion on the orignal thread posted by you.

I am sure, the 3rd party would have tested their product with CUCM, do they have any Configuration guide, which talks about Supported Versions and Confguration, Pre-Requisites.


Amit Singh

Hello Aamir,

•Audio Only – When CUCM is negotiating an audio–only answer, if the offer is from the A and B party contain valid Crypto and DTLS, the CUCM will answer with Crypto (i.e. SDES).
•Audio/Video – When CUCM is negotiating an audio/video answer, if the offer is from the A and B party contain valid Crypto and DTLS, the CUCM will answer with DTLS.

•Currently only CTS supports DTLS.

You may check the following RFC:

Also, it should be worhwhile, checking with 3rd party product what they support.


Amit Singh

Hello Armin,

Did you got the chance to check out my reply ? and the related RFC.

If any question, please do let me know.


Amit Singh

James Hawkins

One more question - can us old timers still get away with calling it CallManager?

James, You have every right to call it CallManager

Without the feedback coming in from you and our other partners and customer, we would not be able to Evolve the product, where we are now.

Thanks for your continued inputs and great discussions.


Amit Singh


Hi Amit/Raees,

1) Have you guys had a chance to play with ILS especially new GDPR feature in CUCM 10.0? I have a customer with 3 cluster setup so I am thinking of leveraging GDPR feature to dynamic advertise the entire dial plan between clusters with a single SIP route pattern from each cluster pointing to SME v10. Can you please let me know if there are any know defects in CUCM 10.0 in relation to ILS/GDPR feature?

2) What is the latest 10.0 ES version out at the moment and are these ES's bootable? I am trying to avoid having to install base 10.0 and then upgrade to latest ES.

3) Can you please advise approx release date of 10.0 SU1?

4) Can you please advise approx release date of 10.5 and key features coming up in 10.5?



Hello Aamir,

1> I was not able to find any know open caveat, in the ILS/GDPR feature, you may check the CUCM 10.0 Release notes:

2> We have 10.0(1) release at present but only available/orderable through PUT (UCSS Contract).

3> 10.0 SU1, expected release timeframe, May 2014, but it may vary based on any last minute changes.

4> CUCM 10.5 expected release date is End of March at this point.


Amit Singh

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