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Call Manager Logs


Hello, I am needing some assistance with Call Manager logs. I am running CM version 9.1.1.

I need to determine if there are any logs that would show me a specific phone's call history. Please advise on the location of where I would locate these logs and what would my search parameters need to be.


This investigation is being prompted due to a user who is advising that they are receiving many calls from people who claim they are receiving calls from his number. Of course it's possible that this is a scam of some kind, but the user is concerned it could be something more significant. Can anyone advise if it's possible for a user's phone to be compromised in some way that would cause it to be used for rapid dialing outside numbers? If this were to happen, would it be that the phone / number was compromised, or that Call Manager could be compromised?


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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

If CDR/CAR was enabled at the time those calls were made, you should be able to find them there, assuming the call went thru CUCM.

If not, then you would need to parse the CCM logs to find that.

Both are overwritten and/or are only stored for a certain period of time, so no idea if you can find those calls or not, as it would depend on your call volume.



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Hi Jaime. Can you advise on how I can determine if CDR/CAR is already enabled? Also, if they are not enabled, how then do I view the CCM logs?



You could also look for calls on the gateway, sometimes that's easier if you're just looking for calls with a certain calling party number, and bearing in mind that they may originate from a different internal extension if for example someone's got external number masks mixed up.

You can follow the below guide to enable the CDR report.
That is useful to check the call record of a specific extension.
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