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Calling 911 from CIPC Phones and Providing Correct ALI Information

Over the past couple months we have been deploying CIPC phones. We are currently on System version:

How can we setup CUCM, CER, other . . . to provide correct ALI information to 911 from a CIPC phone?


Ritesh Desai

Hi @hsmeyer is there typo error ALI, are you saying ANI?

Am not used to CER product but if you need 911 emergency services dial support from CIPC then you can do the same in CUCM.

  • you need to create Route Pattern 911 and check Urgent Priority. CIPC Line CSS and Route Pattern Partition must match / allow to route calls to voice gateway. E.g. CIPC Line CSS has PSTN-PT and Route Pattern Partition should be PSTN-PT to allow routing of calls.
  • Map the route pattern pointing to Voice Router (MGCP, ISDN,SIP or H323 based on your configuration).
  • on voice router create destination-pattern 911 and send it to PSTN.
  • Similar I have done for customer and it worked well.

Hope it found useful.


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regards, Ritesh Desai

The Automatic number identification (ANI) is correctly identified via the CER Server, the problem is to find a method to correctly identify the Automatic Location Identification (ALI).

Allowing our employee's to work from home and other locations using the CIPC application has the new challenge of properly identifying the call origination ALI information to 911 and/or having the call go to the correct 911 center. 

One suggestion was to do a call intercept in the CUCM and play a recorded announcement that tells the CIPC application caller to hangup and use a cell phone or landline to place their emergency call. This would bring in the new challenge: How do you only intercept the CIPC phone calls, and allow all other phone calls?

To do the intercept you’d do that on CIPC calls with a specific CSS or many, depending on how your setup is.

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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Take a look at this preso, particularly starting slide 54


The problem with users moving around and using VPN, is that then it would be up to the users to provide their exact location whenever they move to provide accurate information in case they need to dial 911.

That is obviously open to mistakes or they not updating their location.


I'd take the approach of user education in first place and tell them that if the need arises to dial 911, to use a local line and not their Jabber/CIPC. Not from the US, but i know there is something called Kari's law (have not read all the details) but if you're in the US, I'd look at it and discuss with your legal department and local security offices to find out whether it's allowed to send 911 calls to an announcement or not (technically it's possible, not sure legally).



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Any chance you know the link for that session ? ..TECUCC-2606.pdf

i search for it many times .. but no luck , i can find that PDF file only .. but not the session video ..

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