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Calling IVR from my cucm no digit accepting


Dear All,

As the subject say, I have cucm deployed in my company when the users calls numbers that has IVR the digits is not working. Example:

User dialed a number and the IVR answers for support click 1 >> user click one nothing happens.

I dialed this number from my mobile and the IVR working so I'm sure there's something wrong with my system.

thanks in advance. 

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Sanjay Bishnoi

how you are using ur setup

can you running config of gw

Change the following on your dial-peers:

dtmf-relay sip-notify rtp-nte


dtmf-relay rtp-nte sip-kpml

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

So, you have issues with DTMF recognition, you need to give us more details. Please describe the call flow listing all components, i.e. 

mobile phone --> Cisco GW/CUBE --> SIP/H323/MGCP --> CUCM --> IVR (what is the IVR platform), etc.

then provide "show run" from your GW/CUBE along with number being dialed, we will then prompt for additional debug commands once we understand protocols involved.

Sorry For the delay:

Cisco Phone --> CUCM --> SIP -->CISCO CUBE --> External (Unknown)IVR 

and  my running config in attachments:


I am facing the same kind of issue once dial outside some other company IVR; not accepting digits.

Call flow : Cisco SIP phone -> cucm --> SIP --> CUBE --> SIPTrunk --> ITSP --> IVR

- When i uncheck "MTP required" option in cucm sip trunk , incoming call on CUC AutoAttendant and then transfer to end user on DID or NonDID number fails. But, dialing to any other company IVR works well.

- When i check "MTP required" option and select g711alaw on CUCM sip trunk, incoming call on CUC works but dialing to any other company IVR don't accept digits.

Run config as attached

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