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CE8 for DX Series

Are there any updates to the release date of CE8 or a similar software release for the DX Series, specifically the DX80 and DX70?  I see the Cisco site still only has 10.2(5.194)ES listed as the latest version available.  Thanks


CE software will be introduced for the DX70 and DX80 only and the targeted release date is July 2016.



Is there a Beta Program for the code? I can't find one on the private groups.



If you are a member of the Cisco Customer Connection Program, the private community that allows for users to engage with Cisco product teams and collaboration experts, as well as participate in early adopter and beta trials, you can sign up for the June 30 briefing "Cisco Endpoints Update" for more information and roadmap details.

You can join the free user group here: Customer Connection Program

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities


So thats a NO theres not currently an early adopters program?



I checked with the CCP community manager, and there are no programs planned at this time.



Out now!…

Regards Sandro


while I'm tryng to figure out how to change the SW on DX 80:

(… page 15)

Both the links for the guide are broken at the moment and the device pack required, my case CUCM 11.0.1 cmterm-devicepack11.0.1.22048-1.cop.sgn, is not listed in the call manager 11.0.x download page (last is 11.0(1.22041).

Probably they need a couple of day to allign the documentation and the download availability.

Keep Waiting


According to CE 8.2 code on the DX70 and DX80 | Cisco Collab Engineering Tips you will need to create a TelePresence DX70 / DX80 device in CUCM, which should be available after installing the new (to be released) Device Pack.

However, according to the CE8.2 release notes, CUCM 11.5 should natively support this device type. I checked my 11.5 lab CUCM but I cannot find or create this device. Am I doing something wrong or is the documentation incorrect?


You'll need to wait until they release the device pack for CUCM so the "TelePresence DX70/80" devices can be created, and wait until the Android to CE cop file is released, both expected sometime July 2016.  Refer to the DX Software Conversion Guide, which is linked in the release notes, it just take a bit of time for supplemental files to get created and uploaded to the website.  Because CE8.2 is just being released, not all the required software etc is fully released to do the conversion for the DX70/80, so just be patient and see what happens in the coming weeks.

Regarding CUCM 11.5, I see the same thing, I'd wait until the device packs and conversion files are released and see where things stand then.  Perhaps something has changed or the release notes/guides aren't fully correct.  It does say to check the conversion guide when everything is fully released, as the steps to do the software conversion might have changed by then.


The migration cop-file for Android-to-CE has been released last week and the Device Packs for 10.5 and 11.0 have been released as well, but the QED for 11.5 still isn't available. Any clue how to enable/install the 'TelePresence DX70' and 'TelePresence DX80' devices in CUCM 11.5?


The "TelePresemcee DX" devices are not native to UCM 11.5, and requires a device pack to be installed, which is yet to be released. The CE8.2 release notes and DX migration guide had a typo, and has since been corrected to reflect this.


The device pack that adds the "TelePresence DX" endpoints to CUCM 11.5 is now released.



Hi , I have just moved  a DX70 from Android version{10.5.2-125.k3 } to CE {8.3.1} ,the process is OK ,but came across few issues

a) CUCM V9.1.2 , so need a new Device pack , this is a must and the cluster need to be rebooted in order then only you can add  the Telepresence DX70 phone .

b) there is no way to create a new Template , so that existing DX70 users on a group pickup button on the phone facility is lost on CE , am told by Cisco AS that this is available , still trying to figure out how get this done .

c) lots of feature rich functions are on CE but for the industry , feel this will introduce additional problems for the operations

can any one tried using Group pickup button ? on CE please if so please can you share the steps please.




Quick Upgrade to CE8.2 for DX78/DX80

On Android UI, Setting, TFTP Server change to : or

After 2 times reboot, You will get new CE8.2 UI on DX70/DX80

Enjoy new h323/SIP telepresence codec...


Tried to do this but the device is frozen at "Upgrading, the system is transforming to CE software. This may take a few minutes"

It's been like that for several hours. Any thoughts?

Best Regards.

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