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Cisco 7937 can't register with cucm 8.6.2a - Register Reject Message


Hello , i have 2 Cisco 7937 with version 1-4(4) apps37sccp.1-4-4-0 , one register with CUCM  and works well, and the other don't.

I have a cluster with 2 Servers:




Booth register in SUB

7937 that works:


This is in my local LAN

7937 don't works:


This is in a office over the internet

The phone shows in dilpay " registering" and never register.

I see in wireshark RegisterRejectMessage.

The phone access coporate directory , and also assumes phone language.

In call manager i see the ip but the state is "REJECTED"

Anyone had the same problem or can help me on this problem?

In RTMT i see this:

18:19:53.007 |EndPointTransientConnection - An endpoint attempted to register but did not complete registration Connecting Port:2000 Device name:SEP0004F2EE3405 Device IP address: Device type:431 Reason Code:27 Protocol:SCCP Device MAC address:0004F2EE3405 IPAddressAttributes:3 LastSignalReceived:StationResponseTimerType StationState:wait_capabilities App ID:Cisco CallManager Cluster ID:StandAloneCluster Node ID:CM-SUB-LGPT|AlarmSEP0004F2EE3405^*^SEP0004F2EE3405

18:19:53.009 |-->RISCMAccess::DeviceTransientConnection(...)|*^*^*

18:19:53.009 |Device Transient deviceName : SEP0004F2EE3405, IPAddress :, IPv6Address : not shown, IPv4Attribute :3, IPv6Attribute :0, Protocol : 1|*^*^*

18:19:53.009 |DebugMsg deviceName : SEP0004F2EE3405, DeviceType : 431, risClass: 1|*^*^*

18:19:53.009 |<--RISCMAccess::DeviceTransientConnection(...)|*^*^*

18:19:53.007 |StationD:    (0000363) registrationError sent StationOutputRegisterReject|0,0,0,0.0^^SEP0004F2EE3405

18:19:53.009 |StationD:    (0000363) RegisterReject text=''.|0,0,0,0.0^^SEP0004F2EE3405

18:19:53.047 |StationInit: (0000363) InboundStim - StationButtonTemplateReqMessageID: Msg Size(received, defined) = 8, 4|3,100,13,1257.8^^SEP0004F2EE3405

18:19:53.047 |StationInit: (0000363) ButtonTemplateReq.|3,100,13,1257.8^^SEP0004F2EE3405

18:19:53.047 |StationInit:   TCPPid = []Socket Broken. DeviceName=SEP0004F2EE3405,IPAddr=, Port=0xcf64, Device Controller=[3,57,363]|3,100,13,1257.9^*^*

18:19:53.047 |Closing Station connection DeviceName=SEP0004F2EE3405, TCPPid = [], IPAddr=, Port=53092, Device Controller=[3,57,363]|3,100,13,1257.9^*^*

18:19:53.047 |LineControl - Delete index =197|3,100,13,1257.9^*^*


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Did you try factory reset on the phone and/or ITL cert deletion?


Thank you Chris , but my problems is solved with desactivating de sccp inspection in customer firewall (juniper).


Thank you!  We ran into this very problem last week, and this post hit the nail on the head!  Very frustrating, especially since we had cut 3 other remotes with no problem, phones registered even with inpect on in firewall, although it took a long time.  Those remotes were also higher bandwidth, our failing site was our first T1 connection, and could not get a single phone to register.  Showed rejected, and CUCM trace showed this reason code:27.  Deactivated sccp inspection in their Juniper firewall, and all came right up.

Mary Beth


Cause 27 Explanation:

"CapabilityResponseTimeout - (SCCP only) Unified CM  timed out while waiting for the device to respond to a request to  report its media capabilities. Possible causes include device power  outage, network power outage, network configuration error, network  delay, packet drops, and packet corruption. It is also possible to get  this error if the Unified CM node is experiencing high CPU usage. Verify  that the device is powered up and operating, verify that network  connectivity exists between the device and Unified CM, and verify that  the CPU utilization is in the safe range (you can monitor this via the  CPU Pegging Alert in RTMT)."

" Recommended Action

Investigate any  network connectivity problems in the system. It's possible that you have  reached the maximum number of devices; the Cisco CallManager service  parameter, Maximum Number of Registered Devices, controls the number of  devices allowed in the system. After taking licensing, system hardware  and other related concerns into consideration, you could increase the  value of the service parameter. Also, refer to the reason code  definitions in the alarm for additional recommended actions. No action  is required if this event was issued as a result of a normal device  rehome. "

Do you have any connectivity issue between this site with main site? An firewall between this networks?

There are other IP Phones on this site that are registered with CUCM?


Leonardo Santana

Leonardo Santana

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