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Cisco CM 11.5 - RTMT plugin and Java software license questions


I would like to know if the end users/companies of CISCO software are covered when downloading/installing Java on their computers.

Since Oracle stopped giving Java away for free (unless personal or development use) you need to purchase a license.

I was told I needed to install java on my computer by CISCO TAC in order to get the RTMT plugin to install.


So the questions is am I covered by existing CISCO licenses for downloading and installing Java from Oracle's website?  If so, where is the documentation to back it up?

If not what is CISCO's stance on this issue and what is being done to resolve it?


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Ritesh Desai


Hi below is the snippet from the letter received from Cisco to its partners. The snippet speaks specifically for Cisco Contact Center. To give you information, I am sharing the snippet with you which talks about JAVA going forward.

You need to once again check with your Cisco Partner on existing versions and parallel wait for rest of support members to suggest you more.


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regards, Ritesh Desai

CISCO partner is pretty much useless when it comes to these types of inquiries...

Can I find this statement also somewhere on
So customer can verify it by themself that it he is allowed to install Java to use RTMT?


If somebody reply with the answer, I would be SHOCKED!!!   I wonder if this is purposely done for some reason.  Also the version that is covered is also clear as mud...

@Ritesh Desai response is somewhat helpful, but for "real" documentation purposes, that is not going to work.  Especially in a courtroom.    Just saying...... 

Since the JAVA license model has gone to a per seat license, I question how this licensing model applies in this case.

Can I install JAVA on all the computers in our company?  If ever audited, can I used "we are not in violation of JAVA licensing" cuz we have CISCO equipment/software? 

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