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Cisco Native Queuing Issue - External Calls one way audio


We are testing the Cisco Native queuing,  we are able to configure the line group, hunt list and Hunt Pilot based on the Cisco instruction.

Everything is working fine when testing it internally but we are experiencing issues when calls are coming from external.

The call still goes to the hunt pilot DN, then the caller will hear the initial announcement (call will be transferred to available agent).  the caller will hear ringing at the same time the agent phone will ring.

When the agent pick up the call, he can hear the external caller but the caller will still hear the ringing and does not stop.  External caller can speak and be heard on the agent phone but not the other way around (also the ringing does not stop :()

Wondering if someone in here have experienced this issue?  Hopefully I was able to explain it clearly hahaha

We have CUCM 10.5

Thanks in advance.


As per what you said, it is a signaling issue, you need to check if routing is ok, and there's no firewall involved. 

You will need to download traces and see what's going on with the signaling of the call,  even take a packet capture from the gateway involved.

thanks for the direction, tried to download the traces.  Wow there's a lot in there.  I got lost hahaha

Does the trace log have beginning and end portion?  when the call was initiated/received up to when the call was answered by the agent or the Call manager just dump everything in there haha. 

Thanks again


We are facing exactly same issue with CUCM 11.0.

Could you share what was your solution ?



We don't have a solution yet.  we have some other issues popup that needed our attention.

Hopefully we can get back to testing the queue and find out the issue.


Yo Canada,  how do you connect to PSTN? thru a CUBE/SIP trunk?

in which case can you include the debug ccsip message as well and add to case

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I assigned MRGL on gateway and enable check mark on MTP required then it worked.
Currently we are monitoring it will update with feedbsck.

Thanks for the update.  do you need to reboot when enabling and assigning? :D

Once we have time, we will go back on testing it again. hahah :D

Not reboot, only reset the gateway from call manager.

we are using SIP Trunk.

Few more info while we are still trying to go through the trace logs :D

If we disable the initial announcement and only play announcement if call is queued, the call get connected fine, (2 way communication) but on the next caller, the Hunt Pilot will pick up the call but does not broadcast the Wait in Queue announcement, it's just dead silence.

When we hung up the first call, the second call immediately ring and get connected to the agent.

Somehow, the Queue Announcement are not being broadcast while the caller in queue. 

If only the Wait in Queue announcement is working external, we can get away with no initial announcement  as work around hahaha

Testing the Queue internally all works, announcements, wait in queue announcement etc.

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