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corporate directory not showing

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Some phones does not showing the corporate directory . These phones are registred on sub ,at the same time other phones which is registred on the  sub can see the  directory . 


directory is local .

cucm 10.x


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Are they different model phones?

Can you capture logs for the device? Also, the phone should have a web interface, if you check the status messages, make sure the device is authenticated and has a good ITL / CTL file.

Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
HTTPS will fail unless you use a proper DNS FQDN; certificates do not include the IP address in the CN or SAN.

Do the ITL thumbprints match between a working and non-working phone?
Does “show itl” work from the TFTP nodes?
Are the TVS server certificates not expired and present in the ITL?


The problem is intermittent . So I think it might not be related with certificate .The certificates are valid ?


Do the ITL thumbprints match between a working and non-working phone?

Could you explain how can I do this 


You did not mention this was intermittent on the same phone. If that's the case you would want to pull either console logs from the phone, a packet capture, or both to understand what's going on.

You can read more about ITL operations here:


is there a way to move from the sub to. Pub without restarting the Sub to confirm the problem is with the phones which registered to the sub.


Yes, you can move phone registration from CUCM Sub to Pub without restarting Sub. Follow this procedure:
1. Make CUCM Pub as primary and CUCM Sub as secondary under Cisco Unified CM Group.
2. Click Save and Reset Cisco Unified CM Group



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