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CUBE configuration - 2 SIP trunks one Provider

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Hi all

is it possible to configure 2 SIP trunks to the SBC of one SIP provider?  The SBC has the same IP address and the only difference between the trunks would be the credentials.

On a CUCM I can not add a second user in the same sip realm, so the customer is, finally and luckily, going away from the concept of terminating the trunks on the CUCM. I have never configured SIP (H.323-PRA person) so I would really appreciate some input.  I have found the docs for CUBE configuration but the ones I read has 1 trunk to the provider.


Also can I place the CUBE across an extended ethernet connection (layer2 connection), if yes any issues with HSRP or constraints regarding the RTT?


Thanks in advance



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Ayodeji Okanlawon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

May I ask what benefit does this offer you? Of course on gateway you can have multiple dial-peers to the same destination. I just don't know what benefit you get since you are pointing to the same SBC. CUCM will not allow you to add multiple trunk to the same destination ip address.

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CUCM does allow it, you can change the port number

but I can not create two users in the same realm on CUCM

Okay, thanks for that. But what do you gain by routing to the same number but on different ports? I am just curious to know what you stand to gain from this

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2 SIP trunks for redundancy

Are you going to have 2 SIP trunks to the same hardware for redundancy? What happens if that hardware dies - what good does this redundancy serve?

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then it is provider issue

I can re-formulate my question

can I have 2 authenticion names in the registrarin the same SIP realm?