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CUBE dial-peer busyout warning


We have two CUBEs that are at separate sites but linked on our WAN and are providing SIP-PSTN access for our single CUCM cluster. From what I can tell the CUBEs are basically mirrored config of each other aside from IP addressing and dial peer preferences so they are set to prefer routing calls to the CM nodes that are on the same site/building as that particular CUBE first with the nodes at other sites as back up.

On Solarwinds one of the dial peers on one of the CUBEs is constantly reporting as being in a warning state. When looking at the dial peer summary on the CUBEs two of the CUCM node dial peers are in busyout state (one of them being the one causing the warning on Solarwinds). When looking at the stats for these dial peers they have never routed any calls. The CUCM nodes these dial peers are pointing to are up and CM is enabled on them. On the other CUBE the dial peer summary reports the same CM nodes as active so not sure why it is like this on one CUBE only? I didn't really have much involvement when our SIP provider set up the CUBEs so trying to understand the reason these are like this and how I can get to the bottom of it?


Nipun Singh Raghav
Cisco Employee

Are your dial-peers configured with OPTIONS keepalive ? Do you have any buffered syslog warnings when you do a "show logg" ?

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

HI Nipun,

Yes keepalive is configured on all dial peers:

 'voice-class sip options-keepalive'


From show dial-peer voice XXXXX

'voice class sip options-keepalive up-interval 60 down-interval 30 retry 5'


The dial-peers that are coming back as busyout on one CUBE are configured on the other CUBE in the exact same way (apart from preference is changed around) and are reporting back as active.


Interesting. Are both the CUBE's running the same IOS ? On the problematic CUBE, can you do a "show logg" and attach it here please ?
We might need to take a SIP debug to see why is the dial-peer not being brought into active state. If the CUBE is getting a response from the destination specified on the dial-peer, it should be brought back into service by CUBE aka ACTIVE state.

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Hello, I know this is an old post but were you able to get this resolved?


We are having the exact same issue with our vCUBEs. We have the same IOS on both routers and same configuration. 

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