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CUBE with SIP trunk Channels Full


we have the following set up


CUCM ====>SIP TRUNK====>CUBE======>SIP Trunk to ITSP


We have contracted for 8 SIP channels.  How will the calls route if all 8 channels are full?  We have a route group that has the CUBE to ITSP and also an MGCP gateway PRI.

However, when the trunk is full; the calls are not failing over to MGCP gateway.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The answer is going to depend on the response from the ITSP when the channels are full.  If they are just returning 486 Busy, then no rerouting will occur.  Can you capture debug ccsip message from the CUBE to see the responses for a call which is being rejected by the ITSP for going over the 8 channel limit?

I believe I've found it.  Whenever it fails; I see a 404 not found; and then it sends a Q.850 disconnect code of "1" to CUCM.  I believe if I change service parameter for "Stop routing on Unallocated Number Flag" to false, it should resolve the issue.....I think.


Yes changing the service parameter shoul;d do it foe you..This is how cucm makes rerouting decision:

When the system initially presents a call to a member of a route list, Cisco Unified Communications Manager reroutes for all cause codes other than Out of Bandwidth, User Busy, and Unallocated Number. The value of the associated service parameters for the Cisco CallManager service determines the rerouting decision for those cause codes. The Clusterwide Parameters (Route Plan) grouping includes the Stop Routing on Out of Bandwidth Flag, Stop Routing on User Busy Flag, and Stop Routing on Unallocated Number Flag service parameters. You can set each service parameter to True or False.

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