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Resolved! B-ACD AA not working

Hi All,I am currently using the CCME10 on ISR2911Ive been trying to configure and figure out the B-ACD and AA. But i still couldnt get it to work.Tried incoming call from the FXO, nothing happens, it just keeps ringing and not pass to any auto attend...

J_Vansen_S by Participant
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Cannot acess CME via SSH or Telnet

           Hello Team,  I have a CME running on C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(4)M4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2). What i have noticed that even though I have telnet and ssh enabled, sometimes the CME will not allow me to access the dev...

Sarg . by Participant
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Connection 9x VPIM to Avaya MNS

I have a upcoming project to network Unity Connection 9x via VPIM to Avaya MNS.Anyone tried this recently? Seems I recall someone else doing this 2-3 years ago and having some significant issues on the Avaya side.  -jasonFigure 5-4http://www.cisco.co...

Jason Aarons by Frequent Contributor
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Call Manager 8.5.1 Errors

After a cluster reboot I am getting hundreds of errors and most of them are:SeverityMatch : AlertMatchedEvent : Nov  6 10:29:39 XXXXXXXX kern 1 kernel: IpVms: StreamMixer: Excessive mixer calls (-60)AppID : Cisco Syslog AgentClusterID : NodeID : XXXX...

CUCM 10 and MCS Machines

Dear Cisco,As per the documentation of CUCM 10.x, it does not support the MCS machines anymore, only virtualized. How could this be practicle and logical? What about those who have bought Cisco MCS I5 machines with 3 yrs UCSS just last year and now y...

Resolved! CUCM - Parameter Web Access

Hi,I need to set up the parameter Web Access to enable when I add a new phone in my CUCM.I have checked that for phone type 3905 this parameter is set to enable but for phone type 7911 is set to disable.Anybody know if we can set the parameter to ena...