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CUCM 7.1.3 Incorrect Time 7940 (Hour Out) October 2010

Jason Nash

Hi There,

Has anyone else found a problem with the time shifting an hour forward on the first generation Cisco 7940's this morning. We are running CUCM and all of our SCCP 7940's are running firmware load 'P00308010200' with CUCM date/time groups set to the '(GMT) Europe/London*' timezone. It is as if the last Sunday in October daylight savings have kicked in a week early.

All CUCM nodes have the correct date/time and all of the newer java based Cisco 7942s ('SCCP42.8-5-3S') and 7941's ('SCCP41.8-5-3S') are fine showing the correct date/time.

Sounds like we could have a phone load or CUCM bug, just about to get this logged with Cisco. Not causing major issues at this time apart for generating calls to our support desk!


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I have just sent you a private message with our TAC service reference for this issue.

Hi, I am having the same problem with our 7940s.  The 7941s are fine.  Is there any chance I could get that TAC number so I can reference when dealing with Cisco?  Thanks

Hello, I have this problem on two separate clusters both running

The first cluster it is only 7960s affected, we do not have any 7940s.

The second cluster I have no older phones but timed partitions are affected. The timezone is set to originating device, and in my case that would be a gatekeeper controlled H.323 trunk.


I’m experiencing this on my cluster but only on certain handsets.

The following are displaying 1 hour behind.

7912G-A - CP7912080003SCCP070409A

7960G - P00308010200

The following are displaying the correct time.

7911 - SCCP11.9-0-2SR1S

7970G - SCCP70.9-0-2SR1S

Hi guys,

we have the same problem. CUCM Cluster

You can look inside this CUCM Page https://CUCM/ccmadmin/datetimeGroup-compat.jsp

All phones, which listed in this windows, shows the time correct, other phones have the time problem inside our cluster

"In most cases, the time zone options that are marked with ‡ are compatible with all phone loads.

The following phone models that run firmware 9.0(2) (or higher) are fully compatible with all time zones that are listed in the drop-down list box:
7906, 7941, 7942, 7945, 7961, 7962, 7965, 7970, 7971, 7975, 89xx and 99xx

I read some postings, it looks like Cisco create every year a DST hotfix...


I'm looking for a quick fix :-)



hi, i have this problem on the first version CUCM


Hi all

At this moment the only workaround possible is to create a new timezone with one hour ahead.

Assign it to device pool of the phones affected.

Update all the phones affected with the new device pool (via BAT i.e.)

In the meantime BU is working to get a fix for this problem.



Hi Fernando

This has taken a bit of a twist which for us which has farther reaching implications.

Our Support Desk uses IPFX as its contact centre application which relies on the Cisco TSP plugin (TSP 7.1(3.4) in our case) for its integration with CUCM.

The systems admin reports that call queues did not open on time this morning after the weekend. In fact it looks like all configured queues are out by.... 1 hour. She reports that the server time is correct; in fact it’s configured to reference the same time source as the CUCM cluster.

My first thoughts are that the Cisco TSP is also affected by whatever is causing this. I guess the work around would be the same as you’ve already posted. That is:-

Configure a new time zone,

Configure a new device pool and add it to time zone dependencies

Move all of the IPFX resources, queue objects, VM ports to the new device pool?

Thanks in advance

Richard McL

Hi I have this issue on 7.1.3 also with 7940's / 7911's.....

Noticed someone mentioned an IPFX issue - as a total coincidence a microsoft patch applied to IPFX server earlier in the year caused this hour out issue, it is not related to the CUCM 7 / 8 issue, and IPFX have issued a fix. It caused some queues etc to open an hour late - basically the microsoft patch caused BST to end a week early.



You are indeed correct. The IPFX system admin have run the IPFX TimezoneRefresher.EXE and that has resolved the issues with IPFX.

Thanks for the pointer.

Best Regards


Jonathan Still

Just wanted to confirm that we are seeing the same issue.  All 7940s are showing GMT while 7941/42s are (correctly) showing BST.  All servers are in Europe/London timezone.

Default phone load for the 7940s is P00308010200 and CUCM version is

We've logged a case with our VAR for this.



Hi Jonathon

Yes you are seeing the same issue as us in that 7940s/7960's are showing GMT while the 7941's/7961's/ 7971's are showing BST. Incidentally our 7921 wireless phones are also affected and showing GMT.




Heh - thanks for reminding me! Our 7920 is also showing GMT.

Good to know it's not just us .




We also have the same issue. 7940/7960/7912 and CUCM

Best regards,




We have the same issue at 2 of our customers.

7940 and 7960 are affected.

CUCM version and 7.1.2.  Firmware of the phones 8.1.2

Is it possible to let me know if there is a solution from TAC or the BU.

Kind regards,


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