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CUCM 8.x Running in ESXi using HP Microserver

Hi all,

I am hoping someone could give me a definitive answer to this one as I have been looking and looking and can't get a straight answer anywhere thus far!

I am starting my CCNP Voice studies and I want to build a home lab running CUCM (Pub & Sub), CUC & CUPS and I want to do this as cheap as possible as the hardware has already cost a small fortune.

I would like to know if anyone has sucesfully installed all three of the above on an HP Microserver N54L running VMWare ESXi 5.1?

The Server spec is 2.2Ghz Turion Dual Core CPU, with 8GB RAM and 250GB HDD with a single Gig NIC          

Your assistanceis greatly appreciated



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CUCM 8.x Running in ESXi using HP Microserver

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CUCM 8.x Running in ESXi using HP Microserver

You'll definitely need more RAM than that....

Each CUCM VM needs 4 GB.

CUC needs 4 GB

CUPS needs either 2GB or 4GB (can't remember which).

So for Pub, Sub, CUC and CUPS, you'll need either 14 or 16 GB just for the VMs - add the ESX hypervisor memory requirements to this.

If you can't afford more memory, then you could try installing BE5K (CUCM/CUC co resident) - this needs 6 GB. You won't get a CUCM Sub however.

Note that you can try reducing the allocated memory to VMs AFTER you've installed them, but it's not recommended. Wierd things can happen.

Barry Hesk

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CUCM 8.x Running in ESXi using HP Microserver


The MicroServer isn't ideal to be honest. It's AMD-based, I found that CUCM has issues with that (specifically the IP VMS service won't run as it requires an Intel processor).

I have a couple of those for general Windows virtualisation and also use a HP ML110. You can pick those up cheap from time to time with rebates from HP here in the UK, and they have a XEON quad core processor which is plenty handy for home/lab virtualisation. They still use standard SATA disks so are pretty cheap to fill up and you can easily fit 32GB of RAM in them.... and it doesn't suck power like an ex-Ebay rack mount monster would...


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CUCM 8.x Running in ESXi using HP Microserver


I bought one of this from ebay..its a dell powere edge with a Xeon Dual core processor. 16GB RAM and two 146G SAS HD. SATA i cheaper and you can consider that. With this I have CUCM8, CUCM9, Windows 2008 Server running exhange2010 and AD2008. I also have two windows 7 client PC to run my jabber application...Its not so heavy, its light and I would imagine the power consumption is not too bad

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