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CUCM Automation - Translating GUI to CLI


I have a host of common, repeatable CUCM alarms that I would like to automate. I tried to find this info in the CLAUI class, but it doesn't go far beyond phones. Many of the alarms simply provide the GUI steps to resolve it, but do not list the CLI commands. Our automation team needs to trigger from the alarm, log into the respective system and issue the CLI commands to resolve the error. Does anyone know of a doc where I can correspond the GUI to CLI or have any insight into the best approach. Here is a sample alarm that I am attempting to automate. 

Alarm - UnreachableRemoteSyslogServer

Resolution (These are the steps I would like to correspond to the CLI)

1. Login to Cisco Unified Serviceability
2. Server: (Select the publisher only) and select Go
3. Service Group: CM Services and select Go
4. Service: Cisco CallManager (Active) and select Go
5. Select Apply to All Nodes
6. Select Save

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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

There are a lot of things that you can do via the GUI but not via CLI and viceversa, there's no CLI command to do those actions you're asking about, refer to the CLI reference and you'll see the commands that DO exist and what they do.



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Thanks for the reply @Jaime Valencia I have noticed this with phone automation (Limited CLI commands on CUCM) as it's normally done via the AXL Tool Kit / Python / Postmon. For what I am attempting to do, I am assuming I will need to proceed down that path. Only holdback is I have not seen any samples of people automating alarms like I am attempting. If you have an insight into this area, please let me know. Thanks! 

Even if you can't get it with AXL you can get it with a webscraper or somethign that automates the webclicks, not as graceful as AXL but I have done this with music on hold there are samples on GIT Hub of similar stuff.

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