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Hello I have a confusion.Suppose there is user A with ip phone and mobile phone..if he call from his desk phone to mobile phone, call is routing..but now user B calling from his ip phone to user A's ip phone. He forwarded calls to his mobile phone.bu...

Manuzz by Level 1
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When External caller A calls to Cisco Phone B and Phone B transfer the Call to External Number C, then C only see the Caller Number of B even after the call is connected. Any Solution to this ? SIP Trunk CUCM 11.5Su6

Dears I have a question here Cisco IP DECT Phone is it supported by cucm 12.X or in later version, becz the platform in the datasheet i don't see CUCM. can anybody confirm to me for the same. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/collabor...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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I am working on a line that forwards to itself when it is not answered. Currently I have the schedule setup to go to a personal greeting within the open schedule, and number A, a call center, when outside of the schedule. The customer has now request...

JaredKa by Level 1
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Hi, I thought this was possible but on a TAC with Cisco and they have told me it's not. I'm surprised because looking at this cisco forum post it does look like it's possible. The situation is the customer is migrating users from oldOU to newOU, duri...

pli5kin by Level 1
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