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Justin Westover

CUCM Call Routing

We have several sites with different device pools for each location and I'm messing around with the system trying to get my phone at location x to send to the voice gateway at location y. My phone is configured in the CSS for location x and the line settings are standard across all sites. I also setup my phone in location x device pool and location. The problem I'm seeing is that no matter what changes I make, the calls are routed to location y gateway. 

The location x CSS contains partitions where those partitions are associated with route-patterns where those patterns are associated with a route-list that is configured with the location x gateway. But the calls on my phone that is physically at location y but configured as if it was at location x (except for IP on the phone) still uses the location y gateway and matches the location y route-pattern and route-list. The partitions in the CSS i have on the phone aren't even within the CSS so I'm just confused as to why the call would match a partition that isn't contained within the CSS on the device or the line? Thoughts? What am I missing here?  


So i did the "Analyze Call Path" within the RTMT and the Partition it matches is HQ-Offnet which explains why the call is going to the HQ gateway but I'm not sure why it matches that when the DNA says it used the All-Offnet partition... very strange

Is it assigned under the line? Did you select the phone when you ran the DNA?

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I ran the DNA on the phone and it showed the pattern of All-OffNet which would use the DC route group first as that's what in the RL for the All-Offnet partition. Instead when I looked at the trace within CUCM the partition used is HQ-Offnet which uses the HQ gateway. 

The CSS on the phone includes the Internal Partition and the All-Offnet partition. The CSS on the line includes Internal and Blk-Restricted -- blk-restricted matches restricted numbers such as 1900 numbers and blocks them. So the device CSS is the CSS that we use to make a decision on which route-list is ultimately used...

If possible, please upload CM traces.

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Hi Justin.

Is the CSS configured on the phone the same of the one configured on line?


Let me know




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Oh and it's an H.323 gateway, all of our gateways are of this type. 

Hi Justin.

Have you also checked the line CSS?







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Stefan Walter



yes george is on the right way. you can gain your goal by configuring device mobi. only.

mohamed helmy

hello Justin

Adding to that great idea, check the phone CSS itself, it might contain partitions for site Y



Regards, Mohamed Helmy
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