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CUCM Prime Collaboration Deployment Migration Advice?

Hello all,

I'm currently working on a project to upgrade CUCM from 9 to 11.  It turned in to a migration project instead of an upgrade because we wanted to put CUCM 11 in new address space.  I currently have the migration done, so CUCM 9 is still in production, CUCM 11 is off in the new space and is an exact copy of the CUCM 9 environment.  The last step in this project is to put CUCM 11 into production and shut down CUCM 9.  I have a TAC case open, but I'm looking for input from people who have done this before.  What I'm currently dreading is the gateways.  I'm going to have to get the gateways registered in the new call CUCM 11 and I'm going to have to get the phones to check in with new CUCM 11.


My PCD migration task is currently paused after the migration, the next tasks are to shut down each node in the cluster, which I haven't continued because the actual switch over to the new CUCM 11 won't be until a week an half from now.


I'm just looking for any advice on the timing of all of this.  I believe I will need make changes to the new CUCM11 configs to get the gateways to register in the new call manager, and I also believe I will need to do something with the phones to make them check in and register with the new CUCM 11. And I believe this will need to be done within the window of time I have to make the switchover to CUCM 11. I'm just hoping to find someone who can give me an idea of what to expect and how they timed it out when they were making the cut over.


Thanks in advance


There's a ton of info out there but it's tough to find the right info and I just wanted to see if I could get some advice from someone


You will have to deal with the ITL files on the phones in relation to the new cluster. You will have to migrate them to the new cluster. Check out these links.

As far as the gateways you will have update the CCM-Manager for MGCP to the new addresses.
Also you will have to change the OPT 150 on the DHCP servers.
Hope that helps a bit.

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Things to prior to the cutover, assuming no IMP in the picture:

  • Export CallManager certs from new cluster and import into Phone-SAST trust store on new cluster to address ITL certs, may also want to consider the reverse in case you need to switch back
  • Prepare GW config change scripts to update all references, i.e. SCCP, MGCP, dial-peer, trust-list, server-groups, URI class, SRV host.
  • Identify which DHCP scopes need to be updated
  • Identify any other integrations that will need to be updated, i.e. Unity, CCX, CDR, etc


During cutover:

  • update DHCP scopes
  • reset phones so that they can register to new cluster, consider upgrading phone firmware ahead of time on old cluster to speed up the process
  • update GWs configs with update scripts
  • update all integrations
  • update cisco-uds SRV if using Jabber devices as phone only
  • Test



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