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DNA Showing that a call can route, when it cannot

I made several changes yesterday to my routing in CallManager.  When I run DNA using one of my gateways, it says route this pattern (it should not route).  Call flow is:

- <CallFlow>
- <TranslationPattern Pattern="8.XXXXXXX">

The problem is there is no pattern like that in the everyone partition.  I put a phone in the same CSS as the gateway, and I am not able to make calls to 8.XXXXXXX .  I am troubleshooting vairous problems, and wondering if there is a chance it is trying to route to this number?  Is it somewhere in CallManager.  Anyone aware of buges in DNA?

I'm running UCM 8.0.



What exactly do you want with the translation pattern? Do you want that a call should be routed by that translation pattern or should it be blocked? Be more clear in your explanation.

I put a phone in the same CSS as the gateway, and I am not able to make calls to 8.XXXXXXX

What do you mean by this? You can only make a call to 8.XXXXXXX pattern if that is in a partition which the CSS of the phone has.

Please try to explain your issue more clearly.

If you want to check whether your call to 8.XXXXXXX is hitting the translation pattern or not, you can block the pattern in the translation pattern config page and give the error as "precedence level exceeded". Then try making a call to 8.XXXXXXX and check whether you hear the annunciator saying a message like "Your precedence level exceeded".




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My only issue is that DNA is saying that a pattern matches, and it matches a translation patter in a partition that I removed yesterday.  When I set up my phone in my "Gateway" CSS, in an effort to mimic the calling of the gateway by the phone.  I should not and cannot dial 83509999 from the phone.  I should not be able to dial it from the gateway, but am unsure because I am having trouble running traces/debugs.  When I check it in DNA it shows that I CAN call 83509999, from both the phone and the gateway.

I'm wondering if anyone is aware of bugs like this with DNA.

CSS = Calling Rights contains Partitions

Partitions = Where an Callable entity belongs

Now when the Phone Calls a Number out the PSTN

Phone (Calling Device)   --------------------- TP/RP------------GW(Called Device)

Calling Device = CSS

Called Device(TP/RP) = Partition

Now in DNA if you are siumalating a call from the IP Phone to the PSTN out a GW then,

Use the phone as the Calling device, Give it the correct CSS(as configured on Line/Device Level on the Phone in Question. Not the GW CSS).

Type in the calling number/called number.

Note DNA just tells you whether call will route or not., The call completing will totally depend on signalling, Correct ANI/DNIS out the Gateway, the Line being up etc

Get the DNA Output.. Post it here.

I could send you a sample one.!


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So I found that if you restatr DNA, the information in DNA actually reflects the correct information that is programmed in.  It was like it was pulling the info from a previous version.  The moral of the story is, restart DNA.

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