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How to Configure Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module (KEM), for Cisco 8851 on Call Manager Express (CME) version 10.5 ?


I have recently brought bunch of Cisco IP Telephones of 8851 model, which supports Key Expansion Module. I have configured many phones completely & they are working fine. I can make local calls (Using Extension number). I can also make external call (Using main phone lines). In  General the configuration is done on the Router (Model 3945, Version 15). But unfortunately I couldn't configure the the 8800 Key Expansion Module. When I plug in the Module next to the phone, I get a message on the Phone screen saying: "Key Expansion Module has been detected but it is disabled by the administrator." As you can see the attachment bellow of the picture, the Key Expansion Module is off. I have tried all possible options in order to resolve this issue through Applications menu on the phone it self, but unfortunately couldn't reach to the solution. I think the only way left is to Configure through my Lengthy Router Configuration on Call Manager Express 10.5.  I will be glad,  if any Cisco Expert can help me out to resolve this issue or provide me any sorts of Documentations that will help to resolve this issue. 


Thank you for Understanding.

Best Regards.



Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

If you have not configured it in CME, you cannot expect it to work.

type 8851 addon 1 CKEM

Then configure the softkey template

voice register template  1
button-layout 1-5 line
button-layout 6 speed-dial
button-layout 7 blf-speed-dial

Or simply configure the buttons under the device.



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Thanks allot for your reply. I have able to Power up the KEM by using this command "type 8851 addon 1 CKEM".

And I have enter the 4 commands to configure the softkey template. I save the changes, when I come back to that specific phone configuration, I can't see these 4 lines you have mentioned bellow, and no changes on KEM.

voice register template 1

button-layout 1-5 line

button-layout 6 speed-dial

button-layout 7 blf-speed-dial

And the last thing is, what you mean by "Or simply configure the buttons under the device."?


Have you issued command "create profiles" under voice register global after template configuration? 


Please let us know




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How can I enable the second KEM in 8851 phone through CME ?  My first KEM is active by following the command given by Jaime Valencia but when I attached the second KEM the status is off "no light" and in the 8851 phone screen it shows  " Key expansion module 2 has been directed but is disabled by the administrator".

Any one can help please..



type 8851 addon 1 CKEM 2 CKEM

Good point Carlo, I had the same problem, I followed the steps that Abdur said, but didn't work at the begining, so I did:

voice register global
no create profile
create profile

and then restarted the phone.

This way worked perfectly.



Dear Jaime./Team

I follow all the steps mentions here but . on key extension module there is no numbers or names.

please advise Team


Imran Khan


Can you confirm whether the kem module works with CME 10.5?

Yes, it works, you have to apply the followings for that particular phones:

Create Voice register template

Add the command next to the Phone Model on every Voice register pool (every phones)

type 8851 addon 1 CKEM

Then you have to configure the Soft keys by adding the Speed dial number, like the example bellow:

speed-dial 1 4888 label "David"
speed-dial 2 4889 label "Faaten"

speed-dial 3 4880 label "Carol"


and so on....


Tiberie Kirijas

To enable the KEM, type this under voice register pool

voice register pool 10
 type 8865 addon 1 CKEM

As the 8865 has 5 buttons on the left for customization, the 1st button generally is the LINE button and we have 4 left for other features, for example blf-speed-dial. So, under "voice register pool" you can define them like this:

blf-speed-dial 1 100 label "User 1"



blf-speed-dial 4 104 label "User 4"

---From here onward every BLF Speed Dial that we add would appear on the KEM module:

blf-speed-dial 5 105 label "User 5"

-- until BLF 40, as the KEM has 18 buttons but two page buttons.

blf-speed-dial 40 140 label "User 40"

Hope this clarifies. 

I have made the following modifications:


 blf-speed-dial 13 2290 label "James-2290"

 blf-speed-dial 19 2880 label "JP-2880"

 blf-speed-dial 38 2010 label "Tiffany-2010"


The KEM does not update the order in which I programed the changes, still showing the above entries as the last three entries, I have followed the same steps in this email trails, including resetting the device, still no updates...


any suggestions?








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