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How to configure Hotline to automatically dial PSTN line

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I have a voice gateway which is registered as MGCP to CUCM. This voice gateway has a hotline analog phone (FXS) and PSTN line (FXO) connected to it. Can someone help me on how to configure the hotline phone that when the handset is lifted, it will automatically dial the PSTN line, let's say 2222 4444 (8-digits)? I am new to CUCM, hoping that you can help me the step by step configuration.

Thank you.

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This is what you’d be looking for. CUCM PLAR Configuration Example 

Even if the document mentions SCCP and SIP phones it would work the same for a MGCP controlled FXS port. Follow the configuration for SCCP as that’s equal to what you’ll need.

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Hi Roger,

Thanks for the inputs. However, the example on the link you shared didn't work for me. The sample configuration is for Hotline on extension number to extension number. My situation is, the Hotline analog phone will automatically dial an outside line through PSTN (FXO). I attached here the diagram for reference. Hope you can enlighten me more.


Follow steps below, and share some screenshots if the setup does not work. 

Create a route pattern for your hotline
Route Pattern = Your Hotline
Route Partition = Your internal partition
Gateway/Route List = MGCP Gatway/Route List

Create a new partition
Name = PlartToHotline_PT

Create a new Calling Search Space
Name= PlarToHotlineCSS
Selected Partitions = PlartToHotline_PT 

Now, last step is to create your Translation Pattern for the PLAR feature
Translation pattern = Leave this field blank
Partition = PlartToHotline_PT
Calling Search Space= Any CSS that can access your internal partition
Called Party Transformation Mask = Your Hotline

Assign PlarToHotlineCSS to your analog phone, save and apply config
Now, go off hook and your analog phone should dial the hotline automatically

It can be made to work for any called number, it is just a matter of adopting the configuration to fit your needs.

Can you please share a screenshot of your PLAR translation pattern, that shows the outbound CSS and the called number translation, then also share a screenshot of the CSS and the route pattern that the translation pattern should hit after it has processed the call. Also please share a screenshot of the MGCP controlled FXS port and the CSS it uses.

What you need is something along with this.

  • An empty match TP in a partition that the MGCP controlled FXS port sees in its CSS, this should be the only PT visible in the CSS
  • This TP should translate to the external number that you’d want to call to
  • The outbound CSS on the TP needs to see the partition where you have the route pattern that sends the call to your MGCP gateway FXO port.

The RP should recommend send the call to a Route List/Route Group that contains the MGCP FXO port.

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