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IP phone registration rejected ...DB config error

Hi Community,

Hope every one is well...i am having a issue with couple of new cisco 7945 CCM 6.1....iam getting ip phone registration error with db config error....i have tried everythinhg cisco and guys on google recomended apart from reeboting sub and pub as i dont feel the need for it as DB between two is synchronized and in good state...

i have tried reseting phone to default, checked Database replication of pub and sub which is in state 2 ( good), i have deleted network configs and device configs from phone, ched cucm and seeting for auto registration are fine,deleted unused assigmed DN's,Ip setting for TFTP , DNS , default gateway and ip add all looks good. i cant find phone in call manager with mac and when i try to add it says entry already exsist with same status messages i see below erros

1) DNS unknown host ------ according to cisco make sure tftp and call manger ips are resolved in DNS i have checedk DNS they are resolved and rest of pones not having any isssue only new two...

2) "MAC ADDRESS".conf.XML -------- at this points finds a file

3) file not found "MAC ADDRESS".conf.XML-------- at this point cant find file

4) no ctl found

5)file not found  CTLFILE.tlv

Guys any ideas as i checked everything its ccm 6.1 licenses for authorized unit is 4940 but used is 5189 i know in old call managers  you can get away with adding more devices than license purchased for but the prob is its not causing prob for other devices only this,,,,,thanks

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