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Jabber call issues - VDI environment

Users are facing call issues like  - one way audio, delay in audio, disconnection (intermittent) only when Jabber used in laptop while logged into VDI desktop. Any troubleshooting technotes/guide to troubleshoot?

They are connected via VPN.


Jabber Version: 11.8.4

CUCM Version: 10.5.2


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Re: Jabber call issues - VDI environment

well your one way audio issues are probably the easiest to fix. as they are typically related to routing, so analyse the sip traces of a failed call and look at the SDP in it, to see what the RTP stream is supposed to be terminated at.


so if your vpn jabber user dials a phone internally, ping that phone from the vpn client to verify end to end connectivity, also check FW to see if RTP is not getting blocked.

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Re: Jabber call issues - VDI environment

Have I read your post correctly that users are connecting over VPN and then logging into a VDI session where Jabber is running? In other words, Jabber is *not* running locally on their VPN-connected laptop?

If true, that is not supported. Jabber only supports chat functionality when running on the VDI server. Softphone functionapity requires VXE, a shim that runs on supported thin clients and registers the soft phone directly from the thin client to keep media offloaded of the server. Jabber is only the UI in that scenario.

Re: Jabber call issues - VDI environment

have same issue. Do we need DNS for VDI jabber in windows to work? in non VDI machine normal windows desktop softphone is working when logged into jabber client.


Anyone else see this issue?

Re: Jabber call issues - VDI environment

DNS is a mandatory component of all Jabber deployments. Many features (e.g. Service Discovery and basic TLS certificate validation) depend on it.
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Re: Jabber call issues - VDI environment

You need to install VXE and additional Ports need to be opened for same.
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