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MGCP gateway is not registering


Good Day All,

I have configured a VG224 GW with CM4.2 and it does not seem to be registering.

The configurationis pretty stock/standard.

I double checked the host name with call manager and they match.

I have provided a copy of the router config minus passwords, aaa, line ports, etc and a copy of debug mgcp events.

If anyone has any ideas, they are much appreciated.



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This was the solution for my registration issue .   Thank you ! 

This worked ! Thank you !

Hi Blanderos


Yes... But what worked for you?

I am running CUCM 12.5


ISR4331 IOS 16.6.4


ISR IP@ coes up in CUCM... but trunk appears unregistered!!!


ISR4331 declared with full name hostname.domain


I have MFT-T1/E1-E1 HW


Pls help and tell me what was the solution for you




Please follow below URL.
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regards, Ritesh Desai



Sorry... But obviously all this been done


Double checked and everything


Looks like its a famous issue with Cisco:


CUCM sees my GW/Trunk unregistered ...but @ VoIP_GW(ISR4331) level, it looks fine =>


HUB2-VOIP-RTR#sh ccm-manager
MGCP Domain Name: HUB2-VOIP-RTR.domainname
Priority Status Host
Primary Registered 33.1X.X.X
First Backup None
Second Backup None


HUB2-VOIP-RTR#sh mgcp
MGCP Admin State ACTIVE, Oper State ACTIVE - Cause Code NONE
MGCP call-agent: 33..X.X.X. 2427 Initial protocol service is MGCP 0.1


So everything looks OK @ this VoIP_GW level


But still, no E1 service! When I tried to call out, NOK


What I've been doing =>

- Reset GW & E1 Trunk @ CUCM level

- RIS rebooted @ Publisher + Sub/CallManager-role level (even Tomcat if i remember all I've done!)

- Reboot ISR4331

- Reboot mgcp(no mgcp / mgcp)@ ISR4331

- Break then rebuild mgcp setup @both level(CUCM + ISR4331)


So this looks very strange to me


Even if it's registered on ISR4331, the unregistered state @ CUCM level makes like unable to call out thru this E1, unable to seize that E1 trunk


THX for advice




On CUCM, MGCP trunk if its then on your VG hostname must be xyz and VG must be part of domain. If its not then make VG part of domain by adding below command.

On your Router have you configured ip domain name ?

Have a look at PRI, have you configured your PRI group timeslots with service mgcp?

Is your PRI up & it shows Multiple Frame Established?

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regards, Ritesh Desai
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