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MX800 encrypted calls


Hi there,

We have recently purchassed some new MX800, MX300 G2 video endpoints which have replaced our legacy Tanberg 880 units. The Tandberg devices were registered to the VCS-C appliance, where as the newer endpoints have been migrated onto the CUCM server. We can make and recieve calls to these units, but when we try and call an encrypted devices outside of our organisation, the call is only set-up as non-encrypted.

We have witnessed this when we have tried to join a 3rd party VC call hosted by Blue Jeans. We join the BJ meeting ID, but once we add the PIN number, the call comes back notifying us that the call is not encypted and disconnects the call. When l look at the call going out from the endpoint, l see the calls goes out with encryption on, but when it joins BJ the call is uncrypted, although this does work from our one remaing legacy Tandberg unit, so this does work from a VCS-C registered device.

I have been looking at the following options for CUCM registered devices:

  1. Change the MX800/MX300 device profile from non-secure to secure, but l am unsure if the CUCM cluster needs to be runing in Mixed Mode for the TLS/Encrypted profile to work?
  2. Or the alternative l have been looking at is configuring the CUCM cluster to run in Mixed Mode (currently Default non-mixed mode). If l configure mixed mode l believe that all devices will then download a CTL file to the IP Phone and will set all calls on the cluster to be encrypted. Is this the case, or is it dependant on the Device Profile configured i.e. if the 7965 is configured for non-secure profile it will not download a CTL file?

Can someone please let me know if they have their VC endpoints registered to CUCM, and if they can make encrypted calls to hosted VC services? If they can, could they share how their deployment is configured?

Thanks and best regards,


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