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No Touch Tones on IP Communicator

Randy Wilson

                   I have IP Communicator installed on several users pc's.  When depressing one of the keypad keys on the keyboard or via mouse input there is only a Mono tone generated and not DTMF.  I have been searching but can only seem to come up with something while in Citrix.  From what I could gather there should be an icon on the desktop to allow DTMF but I am unable to locate it.IPCommunicator.jpg

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this matter.


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From what I could gather there should be an icon on the desktop to allow DTMF but I am unable to locate it.

There is no separate icon for DTMF buttons; the keypad is built into the app as you see there.

You can run a Wireshark and see whether the client is transmitting the SCCP KeypadButton packet for each button pressed. If it isn't it's a PC-side issue (firewall?). If it is, then something is wrong on CUCM.

Also, be careful about RFC2833. The newer versions of CIPC support it and it may be choosing to transmit the DTMF event in the RTP stream instead of as a SCCP out-of-band signal event to CUCM. If the gateway it's speaking to isn't configured for RFC2833 this could also be the cause.

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Thanks for your feedback @Jonathan Schulenberg ! I couldn't remember the DTMF options for IP Communicator. I just ran into a scenario where a customer has switched from an MGCP gateway with a PRI to a SIP CUBE solution and DTMF stopped working outbound from IP Communicator. The SIP Cube was configured with rtp-nte. However, checking "RFC2833 Disabled" and reverting to SCCP out-of-band signaling on IP Communicator in CUCM fixed their issue in this case. Thanks for the refresher!

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