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Recents Softkey on 78XX series SIP phones

Anil Sharma
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hi Team,


we are using 7821 series phones, and on the phone there is a New Softkey "Recents" this key doesn't appear in Softkey configurations layout so can't be removed. While doing some search found that it is a Bug.


My question is:

If I press "Recents" Softkey it shows the previous dialed number (like Call History) however the strange party is if I pickup the phone while on Recents screen, it automatically dials the number. Has anyone encountered this before, Is there a way we can stop it to auto dial ?


Appreciate your inputs .



Anil Sharma.





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Did you ever get an answer, if this "Recent" softkey which suddenly was added, if it was a bug that you was not able to remove it from Cucm softkey template ?

Becasue I think it's quite ignoring that Cisco suddenly add a softkey which isn't removeable because it removes all the other softkeys to make space for the recent softkey.

Regards Bjørn

hi. It has been quite a while when I encountered this.

What i noticed was the factory default firmware didn't have this recents key, however once firmware is  upgraded this key comes in and can't be removed from SKT.

so only option I had was to keep the phones at factory default and not upgrade the FW.


Thank for you answer, to bad that Cisco implement features which suddenly is mandatory and actually have quite a lot of impact for customers. My customer have said that they just don't want that key, they want the layout as it was before the upgrade.

Regards Bjørn

Did this ever get resolved re the "details" softkey? I want to have it removed as well.

Hi Anil,

I know that this a year old question but now from firmware 11.5 you can disable the recents softkey and avoid this problem.

here is an article that explains how to do it.

How to hide the "Recents" softkey on 7800 series phones

Thanks for the update Jean, I am sure it will help other people who need this information.

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There it is. Last point of the phone configuration tab. You can bulk "disable" them.Recents.PNG