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Unity question



I have question.

what is the difference between Cisco unity voice messaging with MS exchange 2003/2000 and Cisco unity unified messaging with MS exchange 2003/2000.


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When the server is setup as VoiceMail only, the exchange mailbox can only be used to store VoiceMails and not emails. It cannot be used as a email account. On the other hand when it is configured for Unified Messaging the same exchange mailbox can be used for VoiceMails and Emails. It can be the user's corporate email account. By using Unified Messaging, you can give the user an option to check their voicemails using Outlook also. Check it should provide additional information about it.

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what is the exmerge folder in the c: drive. i never saw that before. its taking a hell lot of space in the c: drive. C: gets full and the unity does not take messages. we have configured unity for backups everyday. the exmerge contains all .pst files. could you help me out? thanks

The exmerge folder contains the Microsoft tool Exmerge, which is used for migrating messages from one Exchange mailbox to another. Cisco Unity has a tool called Migrate Subscriber Data, which is used to migrate a Unity Subscriber from one mailbox to another and also update Unity settings. The Migrate Subscriber Data tool allows you to select a Unity subscriber in one window and then select an AD user in the other window and then migrate the two accounts. The Unity subscriber will then pull information from the AD user account and update fields such as first name, last name, display name, etc.. It will also update the alias with the AD user account so that new messages will be delivered to the new mailbox. If you chose to also migrate the users voice messages it will behind the scenes kick off the Exmerge utility and backup the Unity subscriber mailbox and save it as a PST file named the same name as the new destination mailbox for the migration. It will then merge the PST backup information with the new mailbox. If the Exmerge utility works correctly the PST files are removed afterwards. There are two logs that you can view to see if the migration was successful or not, which are located in the logs directory. Once you have completed the migration, the PST files are no longer needed due to the original mailboxes that were backed up are still setup in Exchange and you could always go get the data if you needed it, at least until you delete the old mailbox.

Hope this helps.

Mike Shelley

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