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VG224 busy tone whit FAC

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Level 2

Hi NetPro

I have a VG224 whit SCCP in a CUCM 6.1 cluster the local calls and national long distance work fine, but when i call international long distance call when i finish to dial the number affter 5 secodns the VG244 send me a busy tone for 5-10 second before send me a FAC tone.

affter dial the FAC code the call works fine.

Why VG224 send me a Busy tone??

the internation long distance it's 9[carrier]0! why i don't know all country code an city code.

[make a call] - [silence for 3 at 5 seconds] - [busy tone for 5 at 10 second] - [FAC tone] - [ dial fac code] - [Ringing tone] - [anwser call]


fixie rider
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Level 4

When you attempt to call to the PSTN from VG224 analog phone after you finish dialing the number it gives you a busy tone after 4 or 5 seconds. The PSTN gateway is a cisco 2600 and it haves 1 E1 for the digital lines.

We can call from the analog phones on VG224 to any IP phone on the network. We can receive calls from any ip phone to analog phones connected to the VG224. We receive calls from the PSTN to the analog phones attached to the VG224 and we can make calls from any ip phone, but we can not make calls to the PSTN from the analog phones attached to the VG224.

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Level 1

Hi i have the same issue, it just affect International Long Distance Pattern, how did you fix this?

any fix?

I have the same problem, it is a IOS BUG

a put 12.4-9T, and get fixet.