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c# axl SOAP write data from<index> 1<index>

Hi all I'm writing an application that show speeddials in a is a part of a axl:     <speeddial index="1">          <dirn>00123456</dirn>          <label>jan Mobiel</label>          <asciiLabel />        </speeddial>        <speeddial i...

jmn by Beginner
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Has anyone else seen issues with the volume of data the API currently attempts to respond with?Because there is so little filtering in the API as it stands, I'm unable to use it on any of our production CER servers, as the requests consistently time ...

bkenneally by Enthusiast
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MediaSense API HttpWebRequest Problem

Hi,We installed Mediasense 10.5 in our test environment. I try to send an HttpWebRequest from a .net client code that i wrote (the url  is  "https://SERVER-IP:8440/ora/authenticationService/authentication/signIn" and using localhost as the server)  t...

Editing DN URIs via SQL

I want to manipulate a directory number's URIs via SQL. I've found the table and understand the schema fine. My problem is the primary URI field.According to the database schema docs, you can't change which URI is the primary one (the isprimary colum...

Mediasense 10.5 API

Hi,We implemented Cisco Mediasense 10.5.1 in our test environment. I am looking for a compatible Cisco Mediasense API.On Cisco Devnet website i could only see Mediasense sample app for 9.0:

Put AXL response data in to Datagridview

Hi allPlease can any one helps me with put axl response int to dataGridview.I'm able do put one Item is datagridview.What I want is to <name>SEP000000001234</name> and <userid>ABUser1</userid> in to datagridview.Herby my code:   private void getdev...

jmn by Beginner
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UCM Error !

Dear Team,I am using the axl interface method of 'updateline" to update the info of call manager in order to configure the "call forward" function on the phone,I can be configured successfully on call manager 8.6 and 9.1.1, but when I configure this ...

chao guo by Beginner
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Extremely slow response on first use

Hi,On CUCM 10.5, we are experiencing extremely slow response times (35-40 seconds) for the first request we send, with improved performance (5-6 seconds) for subsequent requests. It doesn't matter which order we send these requests, the first one is ...

jerrypapa by Beginner
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