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Hi,We have 7609 box as PE router in our network but it recently it has high CPU due CEF scanner as the following,how can we troubleshoot this issue. MPLS-PE-7609#sh proc cpu sCPU utilization for five seconds: 79%/3%; one minute: 77%; five minutes: 78...

me_noori by Level 1
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Anybody knows if the MTU for the FastEthernet interface on the C7200-I/O-2FE/E can be changed ?I'm planning on implementing MPLS/VPNs using the FA Port as a MPLS Trunk and I need to change de MTU.

Resolved! eompls or mpls?

Hello everyone why use eompls? Wouldn't it be better to use mpls? Is there an extra step in encapsulating with eompls? That is with mpls I create a circuit with direct path labels. But I don't understand why eompls maybe because it creates alternativ...

HiIs traffic-engineering information stored in a separate database? If so, please detail the update procedure of this TED in comparison to the legacy IGP routing database.i would appreciate if give me a reference.thank you

Hi,  I'm testing a topology for an SR TE tunnel. While the tunnel works, it only works when I declared all the labels in the SR path. XE-PE6#show run int tun100Building configuration... Current configuration : 213 bytes!interface Tunnel100 ip unnumbe...

Hello ! I want to know whether to provide l2vpn services in the ISP's topology architecture, should I use VPLS better or AToM ? There will be many customers in the ISP architecture, I consider using MPLS traffic engineering, so what solutions can pro...

9813108aa by Level 1
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I have a small MPLS network serving 15 clients,, I am delivering services via  L3 VPNs and wanted to implement end to end QOS services using DSCP Pipe mode. however I am running into a barrier finding templates that can assist.I wanted to have some f...



Hi everyone it is not clear to me how mpls works. I understand that the packet that enters the first router A is assigned a label immediately after having made a lookup in the routing table. After that, when router A goes from router B to the packet,...