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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Hi,I'm trying to get "autocommand"s to work using Radius validation.To be specific:A certain user ("ciscobackup") should have o) its password validated via Radius and then o) a locally (i.e. within the IOS-config) configured autocommand should be run...

I have a VPN concentrator that is configured for client authentication using an NT domain. I dont want every account in Active Directory to have VPN access, so i was wondering if it was possible to limit the scope of where the vpn 3000 looks for acc...

Hello,Does anyone know whether you can configure a PIX to use an alternate RADIUS server if the primary one is not responding? For example, one of our customers authenticates their VPN clients using a RADIUS server with the PIX command:aaa-server IS...

Hi, I am using ACS for Authentication for Access-server. I am using RADIUS for authentication. Now If the user is connected and it has a 1 hours time remaining in his account. Now if this user is authenticate and use the services, and between this...

There are two RADIUS servers - Cisco ACS and some freeradius. Both servers are proxy servers for each other - we have on our distribution table their RADIUS as proxy, and they have ours. Problem - we can authenticate to their RADIUS with their userna...

jlipacis by Level 1
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Hi gurus,Please help:acs (net172.16.1.12)---PIX( (Fa0/0 User. NOTE: --Between PIX there has 2 network coz go throughservice provider --The Fa0/0 has being NAT-ed to --...

j.hato by Level 1
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I'm trying to use ACS 2.6 and ACS 3.2 as a radius server to for my Msft win-xp client to do authentication before it brings up its pptp client.To that end, on ACS, I enable the attributes:MS-CHAP-MPPE-Keys (N/A)MS-CHAP-MPPE-Types (128 bit)MS-MPPE-Re...

admin_2 by Level 3
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Hello,I have a LNS configured to send start and stop accounting messages to the Radius server.It seems some stop messages aren't received by the server.Is there a retransmission timer for the accounting stop messages ?Thanks

guyber by Level 1
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