Network Access Control

Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Has anyone done this before? I am trying to set up a VPN for off-site cable/dsl users so that they can gain access to our on-site resources. I haven't been able to come across anything regarding user authentication and NIS+, so I am unsure if the C...

We are testing with ACS 2.6 server for LEAP authentication for AP340 series Access points and WLAN clients and configured to authenticate against NT user database (using external database). As recommended for dynamic WEP Keys we have set the Option 2...

suresh.v by Level 1
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This is the scenario: 2 networks, one whith servers plus firewall, other with users and firewall to access to servers. We pretend something like give a card or key to the user to access to remote servers and when is gone (out), key or card return to ...

s.sousa by Level 1
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i am doing a site-to-site vpn experiment with two is 3660(Ra).another is provided by other(Rb).if Ra initiates the negotiation, a new isakmp sa can be got but authentication fails.otherwise Rb is the initiator, the isakmp sa negotiation ca...

On our routers we can perform user command accounting. For example, we can get a log of the commands users enter in the routers from our ACS box.I haven't been successful in doing the same on the PIX. Instead, I've gotten all IP and and layer-4 Por...

bnidacoc by Level 1
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