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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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After creating a sponsored account in the sponsor portal, if from first login is configured in the Guest Type, within the Manage Accounts tab the Time Left field will display the Guest Account Purge Policy, Expire portal-user information after xxx da...

I have config this config for ssh on a Cisco routerline vty 0 4login localtransport input sshBut when I run the show ssh I got following output%No SSHv2 server connections running.I'm happy for any suggestions, thanks 

Dr Evil by Level 1
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Team,I have 2 questions on the ISE: 1. When we talk about “GigabitEthernet 0”, which port does it map to on the ISE 3515 diagram below.    Is it port number 4? And then what about “GigabitEthernet 1”?    Please refer to the below diagram:       2. Ca...

Cisco ISE.jpg

Resolved! Java in ISE

Hi, A customer of ours has asked if we use Java in ISE. If Java use is version dependent, this customer runs ISE 2.4. Any guidance?Thanks. Best. Kurt

kradecki by Cisco Employee
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The SNS-3695 is built with 8x 600 GB 10k hard drives, and for a PSN I feel that is fine. Has there been any thought put in to offering an option to replace these drives with SSD's?  The primary use case I have in mind is for the monitoring nodes.  Si...

    Hi Everyone,    I have a question since I am deploying 802.1x port based security feature on CAT 29600 and following is the existing config with port-security enabled on the interface. Can I configure  multi-auth for host mode on the interface ? ...

rajulpar by Cisco Employee
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