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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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IBNS2.0 on 6880

Hi All, We are experiencing issues when we migrated from IBNS1 to IBNS2.0 on the 6880 platform. We are using dot1x to authenticate the clients and then use redirect to ISE portal for remediation and NAC agent for posture. So sequence of events: 1. Cl...

jcockburn by Beginner
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Resolved! VTY access restriction

Hello everybody, we have been pondering on this problem for days without a solution.We would like to restrict  the ssh access from a specific source IP address to a given vty. let's say whenever source A with IP  X.X.X.X logs in it will be redirected...

ISE 2.1 RSASSA-PSS support

Hi Team,Is there any documentation stating that ISE 2.1 doesn't support RSASSA-PSS certificates? I found multiple cases where customers needed to change the algorithm to have certificate usable, despite the fact that was shared earlier, that particul...

vchrenek by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! ISE 2.1 VM Resouce subscription

Hi All,The install guide highly recommends dedicated VM resources and not to share or oversubscribe resources,Is this enforced through the OVA or via any other means?If ISE is run in an oversubscribed manner do we require the customer to vacate other...

alicrawf by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! dot1x pae authenticator

Hello,In newer of version of how to - Universal Switch Configuration guide, command dot1x pae authenticator is not there under interface configuration. Is it not required anymore? or is it specific to IOS versions?I am refereeing to link http://www.c...

Resolved! ISE 2.0 wildcard certificate

Can someone point me in the direction to install a wildcard certificate into ISE 2.0..  I have tried going to administration > certificates > system certification and importing the .key and .crt but it tells me the certificate file is empty.  I am ch...

Resolved! ISE Posture IE web redirect Win7/8 with Anyconnect already installed?

Having a problem where I have Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 clients connecting to the network via wireless, they already have Anyconnect 4.3.x installed with ISE posture checking for AV installed.  When the AuthZ rule for EAP Chaining sees posture status...

Resolved! dACL in ISE

Hi team,I'd like to know how dACL works in ISE and logon script. I mean,for example user x needs to access file server (x.x.x.2 ) but in the first stage of cisco ise (machine authentication) X.X.X.2 isn’t permitted in the DACL so when the login scrip...

jinapark by Cisco Employee
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