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Hello,We have a MAN network with two ASR 1002-F as core devices and C1812 routers (with IOS c181x-advipservicesk9-mz.151-1.T.bin) at remote devices.How can I see the history (results) for the probes in CLI (without a IP SLA Analyser)?I enabled the ip...

currently there are 2134 devices in DCR; the customer originally had problems with UT reports and the error message "ogs_server_urn not found"; During troubleshooting I noticed that there were around 30000 instances in the job history; cleaning up th...

Hello everyoneI am a new user to cisco, and I am looking the the defination files of cisco 3560 SNMP traps. I checked the Configuration Guide, but only find MIB files with OBJECT-TYPE object, I think this type of object is for polling not traps, am I...

darthtong by Beginner
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Hello,I am running LMS 2.6 and I don't know how I can delete job instances which are showing in the RME job browser, without deleting the original jobs. Is there a way to do it or do I have to reschedule the initial job?Thank you in advance,Katerina

Trying to re-add devices under Common Services 3.3.0: devices that CS appears to have dropped off, I get 'duplicate device' errors.  The device cannot be located by either device name or IP Address under either CS or RME, however it does appear in th...

marshajr by Beginner
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HelloI setup all devices to send SNMP TRAP to LMS; there is a way to check that LMS is receiving them? I mean, I know that traps should appear in DFM Alert and Activities display, but an alert can appear here also because DFM is discovering the fault...

*********************************************************Some additional information....After much troubleshooting today, I realized that the variable wasn't having a cast problem it was actually appending the router's hostname and # to the variable ...

tbacon by Cisco Employee
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Hi all,I have a requirement to write an eem cli script that can be triggered using a pattern match and take parameters.Basically the user has to do many repetitive tasks reconfiguring interfaces regularly. So instead of having to go into each interfa...

joe_quinn by Beginner
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