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Does anyone have an experience like mine? So I have a Cisco Codex that has been set so that it cannot connect to an outside network, but I experienced an incident early this morning when an outside number contacted my Codec. What do you think? Thank ...

Hizfanno by Beginner
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I'm quite new to Network administration so excuse the very basic newbie question.I'm trying to get SSH working on CBS350-24T-4X and CBS350-8XT devices but it just doesn't work and I'm not even sure why that is. I'm working with the CLI through a term...

Hey all, I’m a total noob when it comes to networks and switch configuration. The problem I’m running into is that my company doesn’t have local IT to come and get our internet set up, nor does the ISP seem like they can have a tech come out to assis...

reilly by Beginner
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Forum,I am in the process of bringing a few 3850 switches into Netflow.I have configured the flow record, the flow exporter, and the flow monitor.On one specific switch, i have it configured to use vlan 1 as the source since it does not have a loopba...

KMNRuser by Beginner
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Hi all,  Hope this will help youI have received new Laptop from my organization and its win11.Faced challenge in Running ASDM.  After installing ASDM and JAVA ASDM Application wont openTried installing older version of JAVA still same.But finally it'...

Where is this 127 address coming from in my ntp peer list? 93180-01-CORE# show ntp peer-statusTotal peers : 6* - selected for sync, + - peer mode(active),- - peer mode(passive), = - polled in client moderemote local st poll reach delay vrf-----------...