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I am new to the forum and have been amazed at the level of knowledge here! I need help with a problem I am having at work, I have been tasked with trying to flip large quantities of cisco products that we have coming through our sorting facility and ...

khapunkap by Level 1
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Hello, Cisco C6816-X-LE Version 15.2(2)SY2. Question about NAT pools. I have a NAT pool of 25 public IP addresses to translate a dozen of internal C subnets.I analyzed the output of  the "show ip nat translations" command and I see a strange behaviou...

ddmt by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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Hi, I want to finally lean how to create a rule on a Cisco ASA GUI interface to block traffic coming from outside to inside of our company  that blocks only port range 2500 to 3300 which are the ports used for Veeam Backup. We want to block this so t...