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NCS5500: Netflow, Sampling-Interval and the Mythical Internet Packet Size

In this post, we will try to clarify key concepts around Netflow technology and potentially correct some common misconceptions. Particularly we will explain why the “what is the sampling-rate you support?” is not the right question. We will describe ...

Resolved! EEM scripts Doubt

I want the below script to be applied only to particular ports of my 24-port switch. I don't want this to be applied to all my gigabit ports. Help me to make small changes in the script.   Example : I don't want the script to be applied to port 5-10 ...

Prime + APIC-EM + PnP

Hello community,   I'm working with Prime + APIC-EM + PnP. Devices, in my case routers, get the configuration from Cisco PI template. At the same time I'm trying to push them pki based dmvpn + ipsec as part of the configuration. The question is where...

dosic by Beginner
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Resolved! System ID LED Indicator - C6832-X-LE

Afternoon forum users,   I have a C6832-X-LE in VSS with the System ID LED Indicator flashing.  Now I would normally expect this to be a locator beacon for DC use, but in this instance I can't see the configuration needed to turn it on and off. The d...

Resolved! HTTP action?

Has there been any discussion of an applet action for HTTP POSTs and GETs? My environment is embedded & mobile, and other systems in it already use RESTful services for status, so I don't want to add an SNMP or SYSLOG server. I think I can do this in...

Resolved! EEM not running

I configured an EEM and I'm not sure why is not running, here's my template:   event manager applet ctsmanual_remove authorization bypass event none action 010 cli command "enable" action 015 cli command "show cts interface summary | in MANUAL" actio...

pabloayala by Beginner
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Resolved! CSPC - XML upload problem

Hi, New to CSPC - we have a newly installed V2.7 collector. I want to be able to put in large numbers of CIDR Ip ranges for the discovery process. Having dug around a bit I find help to say that I should go into the discovery - setup a valid job - an...

Screen starting point.JPG Error Message.JPG
mhowarth by Beginner
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Firewall and IP Translation issues

Hello all, Seeing if anyone may have an idea on this.I have two PIX 515e's (yes they are old, but they work) in a FailOver Setup.Primary PIX is online, FO PIX is in standby.  Traffic coming into our network is working fine, Internal to External IP tr...

SethDunn by Beginner
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Does LMS 2.2 supports AP1240 running IOS 12.3(7)JA2 ?AP1200 (1210) is supported.If not, wat does it take to make LMS 2.2 support AP1240 runningIOS 12.3(7)JA2?

zengxing by Beginner
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Is it possible to test DCNM with NXOSv?

Hi guys   Would this scenario work ?  Spine and Leaf topology, 2 spines and 2 pairs of leafs. The switches have basic configuration, just management IP and the default username/password for Nexus switchesDCNM configured to give DHCP addresses to the ...

cristip by Beginner
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