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Insert ACL via web page or command line. Can this be done?

I would like to learn how to insert an IP into a pre-written dynamic ACL from either a web page or from the Windows command prompt. 

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

A user connects via WiFi and will be redirected to a specific IP where a web page loads on their system telling them the rules for using my network.  From what I understand, the IP Redirect command on the Areonet 1200 will do this for me. Once they have read the information presented, there will be a ACCEPT button that will then grab their IP and or MAC adress that would then be inserted into an ACL script and then they can surf the Internet all they want.

At this point, no matter what url the user types into their browser the only get my information web page because of the IP redirect command.  They dynamic ACL would be written to tag all packets from that user based upon the IP or MAC address to be fowarded to the Interet gateway.  If there is inactivity for five minutes, the ACL automatically deletes itself and they would then again be forced to view the information page.

I think I understand how to make this work for the most part via the IOS command set. What I do not know is how to inject the user's IP or MAC address into the ACL after they have agreed to my terms.  BTW, I will not be asking the users to have a login name or password, just click to accept.

The end result, I would like this to work like I was using a WLC unit of which I do not have.

Another way might to be to have 14 pre-written scripts (one for each IP address I give out) that do the tasks required.  Once they click ACCEOPT, the system would run a specific script based upon thier IP address given.  What I need to learn how to do in this case is inject the script into the IOS from a Windows command prompt.

Thank You in advance.


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