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Resolved! NTP Master problem

Dears plz i want your support to this issue    =: An NTP control (mode 6) message with the UNSETTRAP (31) opcode with an unknown association identifier will cause NTP to respond with two packets -- one error response packet indicating that the associ...

I am trying to use the download updates on the ASA firepower configuration-update screen and it keeps failing with the message "Download updates failed: Unable to connect to update server". What interface does the sourcefire module use to contact the...

We have been getting more frequent occurrences of the error below from the built in monitoring of the firepower appliance. "Description: Cisco-Intelligence-Feed received code (Unable to download file)".   It appears to clear after several minutes ty...

Dears,   ISP on another end has blocked IPSEC VPN ports, I want to configure VPN on different ports apart from the standards ports I have a router and not a firewall, Is it possible   thanks

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Hi,   We have a DMZ with 3 sub-networks, it is working.   But we have a four sub-network (11.10.55.XXX) containing a host with nagios. (Sub network Level 100 / DMZ Level 50, outside Level 0)   How to allow this network (11.10.55.XXX) to access the DM...

skio by Level 1
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Hi Guys,   Can someone please explain to me what these commands mean on a Cisco ASA Firewall. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   access-list sfr_redirect extended deny ip host host access-list sfr_redirect extended deny i...

Lake by Level 1
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I need to license the Firepower module features on a 5508.  I am going to manage this with the ASDM. In the license portal I have added the PAK for AMP, IPS, and URL and it shows as "Unfulfilled".  I then choose it and click "Get License" and I am st...

Dear all, I have a problem with my asa. From domain controller server I see some access attempts. I don't know why I see the ip address of the inside interface of asa. in attachment the log of the server. is the ip of the inside inter...

Please help (refer to attached diagram) as I need client to telnet to and the traffic will be NATed (which telnet into R2) to (lookback interface).   It is not working, not sure did I miss out any thing? Thanks in ...

I been trying to setup a new Cisco ASA 5505 for the past week and can't get the internal network to get out to the internet. I'm sure it's something very simple that I'm missing. I have configured everything that I have gathered online. Here is my sh...

nyer4life by Level 1
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I have been trying to establish a vpn ipsec between two ASAs, one of them with ISP that provides public ip, and the other with fixed IP. I did the configuration of each one of them and I can see that the VPN is established through the show crypto isa...

Raul18629 by Level 1
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I have single 5508 running v.9.5. No router in front of the ASA. Failover is set up as shown in the configuration below.  I have two questions, first, when primary ISP (Outside-TW) goes down and backup ISP (outside) becomes active, will it switch bac...

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