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hi, I want to install firepower on my existing ASA, besides the license, is it just require the SSD? any specific requirement on the chassis itself? as I do a show inventory on those ASA bundled with SSD, the description has the wording "with FirePOW...

Hello team, I am stucked in nat configuration in Cisco ASA.Let me explain my problems someone kindly provide the support. I have a cisco asa 5515 in my office premise.And we are having airtel as my pimary ISP.Now we are planning for installing micro...

I have encountered a problem with the possibility that a client on the network that resides within the Cisco ASA can query queries on a non existent DNS server. ASA Version 8.4(2) hostname ciscoasa names interface Ethernet0/0 switchport access vlan...

mike103 by Beginner
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We are running Cisco Firepower Management Center (v6.1.0.1 build 53).While reviewing Connections->Events, we are having difficulty reviewing entries older than an hour or so (or perhaps it's based on # of items). For example at 1:20pm EST we view Con...

Tyler N by Beginner
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I am trying to get the Sinkhole feature working, using this page as a guide: I set the Sinkhole object address as a valid but unused address in our DMZ. I have had no issues ...

Dear All, I have a question about the max throughput of our ASA5525 X with firepower. What I  need to know is how many ssl connections can the ASA 5525 X handle simultaniously. In peak periodes we can have loads up to 10000 ssl connections per hour...

Resolved! New ASA 5508-X

If I purchase a new ASA 5508-X how long will I be able to download ASA and ASDM updates for it from Every download currently says; Cisco service contract information indicates you are not authorized to download software for the fo...

johnCoreUK by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA 5510 Firewall

Dear Team, As i am new to the firewall terminology. My scenario is like that we have 3 physical interfaces on firewall , Outside,Inside and Others.In the physical interface "others" we have created 3 sub interfaces.192.168.0.x,192.168.1.x,192.168.3....

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